Best ASMR YouTube Videos To Help You Relax

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If soft whispering, crunchy foods, and the relaxing sounds of nature trails have a tingling effect on your brain, you are most likely triggered by them. Because of this phenomenon, the internet is flooded with ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos that offer these sound effects to stimulate your brain, relaxing it and lulling it to sleep.

Scientifically speaking, it is the body’s physical response to visual or auditory stimuli. No surprise then, that there’s a host of interesting ASMR videos on YouTube as dedicated ASMR artists go to great lengths to create the most stimulating videos out there.

While these sounds might be gentle and calming in general, many people do not experience ASMR. And even among those who do, ASMR triggers work differently on different people. Over the last decade or so, YouTube videos in this arena have seen an incredible surge as more people are turning to them for better sleep and relaxation.

These videos induce a tingling effect, starting from the scalp and slowly trickling down the neck. ASMR YouTubers use various techniques to create these effects including gently speaking into a microphone, brushing things, making tapping sounds or even chewing and slurping.

With proper awareness, the ASMR community has been steadily growing and creators are consciously making ASMR videos. However, with numerous such content being uploaded regularly on this platform, it can be daunting to figure out which is the best type of ASMR video that suits you the best and where to start. Don’t worry, we have you covered.

Here are some of the best ASMR videos on YouTube

Gentle Whispering ASMR

ASMR videos: Gentle whispering
Image credit: Screengrab/ Gentle Whispering ASMR

Russian-American ASMR artist Maria Viktorovna has one of the best and most loved ASMR channels on YouTube with over 2.2 million subscribers. She is also considered the first creator to upload ASMR trigger videos structurally and consistently even before the term Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response was in vogue.

Her first post came on 4 June 2011, and since then she has been one of the best ASMR video creators. She has taken ASMR to a different level by creating incredible role-playing videos on daily mundane activities that include visiting a doctor or getting a tailored suit. In fact, such is her contribution to the ASMR community that Viktorovna has been featured by The New Yorker and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Her most viewed ASMR video includes Sleep-inducing Haircut ASMR. The video over one-hour long features various hair-based situations including visiting the salon for hair cutting, shampooing and hair and face examination. This popular video has grossed over 37 million views.

Visit Gentle Whispering ASMR YouTube channel here.

ASMR Darling

ASMR videos: ASMR Darling
Image credit: Screengrab/ ASMR Darling

With over 2.5 million subscribers, ASMR artist Taylor Darling is known for her whispering videos and gentle trigger sounds which promise sound sleep. One of her most watched ASMR videos is the ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep.

Garnering over 38.7 million views, the hour-long video uses scratching, scissor snipping, brushing and crinkling sounds. It was posted on 26 July 2017, and uses 20 different triggers. What sets her apart from others is that she uses ear-to-ear whispering techniques which appeal to the earphones’ spatial audio to create different effects in the ear. Besides tapping, scratching and brushing, Darling also uses hair play as an ASMR trigger.

She uploaded her first ASMR video in 2016, and since then ASMR Darling is a go-to channel for ASMR videos that can lull you to sleep peacefully.

Visit ASMR Darling YouTube channel here.

ASMR Zeitgeist

ASMR videos: ASMR Zeitgeist
Image credit: Screengrab/ ASMR Zeitgeist

This ASMR video creator is among the few male artists in the ASMR world. His videos on YouTube stand out from the crowd because of his deep voice and calming yet strong presence.

One of his most popular ASMR videos is the ASMR EARxperience – The Ultimate Ear Cleaning. The video uses binaural microphones which are shaped like ears and mimic the depth of field of an analogue audio experience. It has received an overwhelming response and positive comments and if you are wondering where to start, this can be a perfect one.

With his first post being released in 2016, ASMR Zeitgeist has around 2.45 million subscribers and a strong and growing fanbase.

Visit ASMR Zeitgeist YouTube channel here.


ASMR videos: Gibi ASMR
Image credit: Screengrab/ Gibi ASMR

Gibi ASMR has some of the best ASMR videos on YouTube and there are several factors which contribute to Gibi Klein’s immense popularity — gaming and ASMR— two of her niche interests. Klein uses extensive role-playing and often assimilates characters from various genres like Harry Potter and Nickelodeon in her videos.

One of her highly watched videos is Fastest ASMR | Dentist, Eye, Cranial Nerve, Sleep Clinic, Lice, Ear Exam, Ear Cleaning, Makeup, Spa! With over 46 million views, the short video is just 18 minutes long and has a number of scenes depicting daily chores such as dental checks and ear cleaning replete with tapping sounds, gentle whispering and other ASMR triggers.

However, it is important to note that Gibi’s videos also feature detailed segments of lice checks and dental exams, which can be uncomfortable for some.

Her YouTube channel, with around 4.39 million subscribers, features dozens of other short videos with similar themes and sounds.

Visit Gibi ASMR YouTube channel here.


ASMR videos: MassageASMR
Image credit: Screengrab/ MassageASMR

The whole ambit of ASMR videos includes varied genres, situations and of course sounds. The MassageASMR YouTube channel induces the tingling sensation through its numerous massage videos with personal attention to hand movements and mouth sounds.

One of the highest grossing videos on this channel, created by ASMR artist Dmitri, is ASMR 10 Hours of Tapping, Crinkle & Trigger Sounds. Uploaded in 2015, the video is a 10-hour compilation of 20 different ASMR triggers and has garnered over 30 million views. Despite not being a typical massage video and the first of its kind on this channel, it has gained massive responses from the audience.

Soft speaking, role plays, relaxing massage, tapping, crinkling and simulating hand movements make the videos on this channel some of the best ASMR content out there.

Visit MassageASMR YouTube channel here.

ASMR Bakery

ASMR videos: ASMR Bakery
Image credit: Screengrab/ ASMR Bakery

If you are not sure which ASMR trigger works the best for you, ASMR Bakery YouTube channel has a diverse collection to help you out. Long format videos with soft sounds of tapping, brushing, clinking and tearing of different materials and objects make the channel a classic ASMR hub.

The creator shows only a small portion of her face while the frame is mainly dominated by her hand movements and the objects used. With over 21 million views, The Ultimate Tapping ASMR 3 Hours YouTube video is one of her highest grossing content featuring over 100 triggers to lull you to sleep.

Visit ASMR Bakery YouTube channel here.


Image credit: Screengrab/ ASMR PPOMO

ASMR videos work in unusual ways on different people. ASMR tingles different people in such varied ways, that it is difficult to figure out which sound actually triggers them. While people most commonly associate tapping, scratching and soft whisperings as audio stimuli, it is rather interesting to note that ASMR artists also use keyboard typing sounds to induce the tingling effect.

Take cues from this Korean ASMR artist whose popular YouTube channel has 2.61 million subscribers from all over the world. Multilingual content, video description mentioning its various segments and different sounds make ASMR PPOMO a crowd favourite. For someone to earn such success without ever revealing her face is a huge feat. In fact, she also has a separate gaming channel and therefore caters to a larger audience.

One of her top ASMR videos is the ASMR 15 Keyboards with Fast Typing for Studying & Works. Posted in February 2020, the video has over 19 million views. There are other long videos including triggers like scalp massaging and hair brushing, role-playing and ear cleaning.

Visit ASMR PPOMO YouTube channel here.

Tingting ASMR

Tingting ASMR
Image credit: Screengrab/ Tingting ASMR

This is a China-based ASMR video channel which upholds Chinese culture as well as helps you fall asleep. However, Tingting’s YouTube career has to go through several challenges as the video streaming platform is banned in her home country.

The most popular video on her channel, with over 44 million views, is Sleep Recovery ~ 3 Hours of Hair Treatments. It takes viewers inside a salon and gives beauty tutorials and hair treatments with simulating sounds, hair play and soft speaking. Ideal for beginners who still haven’t figured out their best-suited trigger, Tingting’s channel, with around 2.26 million subscribers, has a wide array of ASMR videos with traditional triggers and lulling sounds.

Visit Tingting ASMR YouTube channel here.

Heather Feather ASMR

Heather Feather
Image credit: Screengrab/ Heather Feather/ ASMR

Touted among the most popular ASMR artists, Heather Feather was started by Heather Smith who dropped her first video in 2012. She is credited for extensively layering binaural mic sounds. You will come across videos with role-plays, cranial exams, different triggers and guided meditations in her channel. Though she hasn’t posted any video over the past couple of years, the channel is quite popular and the long videos help you fall asleep peacefully.

One of her highly watched ASMR videos is ASMR Ultimate Head and Scalp Massage Role Play, which features sounds including those of hair play, brushing, combing and scalp massage  while the description lays out all the details and specs. With over 5.5 million views, it is one of the most liked videos on her channel.

Visit Heather Feather ASMR YouTube channel here.


Image credit: Screengrab/ ASMRTheChew

After all the above ASMR videos and channels, one might think that calm and relaxing sounds of tapping and brushing are some of the best instances of ASMR triggers. However, against popular belief, some chewing and eating sounds are ASMR triggers as well.

The channel is created by Spirit Payton who started in 2015, and is considered one of the best and most popular ASMR video makers out there. Besides eating, her videos include storytimes, makeup tutorials and typing. She pays personal attention to mouth sounds like slurping, crunching, and chewing.

The most famous video on her channel is Pickle ASMR Eating Sounds/BIG Crunch/Intense. In this short nine-minute video she eats large slices of pickles as well as taps on the jar with her beautiful nails. It has attracted over 38 million views.

Visit ASMRTheChew YouTube channel here.


ASMR videos: ASMRrequests
Image request: Screengrab/ ASMRrequests

One among the few who became a part of the ASMR video bandwagon way back in 2012, Ally Maque is known for using customised props, elaborate green screen editing, brilliant sound design and incorporating different role-playing characters.

Today, with over 494k subscribers, ASMRrequests is one of the best ASMR video channels out there. She has collaborated with Heather Feather and Gentle Whispering ASMR to create content for virtual reality and 360-degree formats. Though they are not among the ones with the highest views, it surely does show the wide scope of ASMR video making.

Her most successful video till now is An Esthetician Visit – Binaural Role Play – ASMR – Face Massage, Water Sounds, Soft Speaking, which has attracted around 5.8million views. Soft speaking, calming demeanour and gentle gestures make it a peaceful experience.

Visit ASMRrequests YouTube channel here.

Goodnight Moon

ASMR videos: Goodnight Moon
Image credit: Screengrab/ Goodnight Moon

Erin Timony, a former beauty vlogger, is behind the Goodnight Moon ASMR video channel, where she dons new characters and creates ASMR series to immerse listeners and viewers into a new world. From witch to goblin, she has taken up role-playing like no other.

One of her most popular videos is Afternoon at the Herbologist’s Greenhouse (ASMR) which is filled with sounds of nature, lapping water and creaking insects. Timony takes the role of a herbologist in this video which has garnered over 7.5 million views. It is a part of the playlist called Babblebrook where you can also meet a mermaid and visit the Willow Witches shop.

Unboxing videos, product hauls, gentle whispers and other triggers abound her numerous videos.

Visit Goodnight Moon YouTube channel here.

(Hero and feature image credits: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels & Gibi ASMR)