The Best 7 Preschools Singapore Has To Offer

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As children grow up, so do parents’ worries about their preschool. After all it is the building block for your tot’s development, one that will set foundation for them to step into the grown-up world. Which is why, as parents, you’ll go the extra mile to choose from the best preschools Singapore has to offer.

Importance of a Preschool in a Child’s Life

A preschool offers a unique environment for your child to learn and engage with their peers. This helps in the development of healthy social and academic skills.

It also caters to your child’s curious and innovative mind and provides a safe space to play around.
Luckily, some of the best preschools Singapore has to offer have a well designed curriculum including group activities, behavioural etiquettes, social and academic skill development, decision-making opportunities and much more!

But among the myriad options, how do you choose the right preschool for your child?

How to Choose from the Best Preschools Singapore Offers

Before you pick one school for your little sunshine, it’s important to consider certain things. Here are some:

  • The best preschool is one that will follow a good education system, teach multiple languages, charge reasonably, and follow flexible school hours.

  • It will also offers a safe learning environment and provide extra care for kids with special needs.

  • You may also want to tick off features like the teacher-child ratio, activities offered, child safety, infant care, accessibility from your home and facilities offered by the school.

The Best Preschools Singapore Has To Offer

Although you’re aware of the importance of preschool education, the worry of first-time separation and finding a safe, invigorating preschool for your child can worry you. But fret not, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of the top 7 preschools Singapore has to offer.

1. Blue House International Nursery and Preschool

preschools singapore
preschools singapore

Image courtesy: Blue House International Nursery and Preschool | Credit to owner

This school follows the Reggio Emilia approach that focuses on student-centred, experiential learning in a relationship-driven environment.

From a very young age, your child will develop confidence, learn to voice out his/her opinions, and learn drama, art, music and messy play.

The school’s safe, colourful and respectful environment is great for instilling positive attitude in your toddler’s mind.


  • Reggio Emilia approach

  • The Blue House Infant & Toddler Ateliers offers sensory skill development for kids aged 6-36 months

  • Language of Art Education

  • Playgroups, discover classes, documentation of learning progress, parents drop-in sessions

  • Flexible class timings between 8.30AM and 5PM

  • Safe environment

Visit their website for registration.

2. MindChamps Preschool

preschools Singapore
preschools Singapore

Image courtesy : MindChamps Preschool Facebook Page

If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced school that offers a solid Mandarin language foundation, then MindChamps Preschool is the one.

With its S.M.I.L.E.S. (Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional, Social skills) method of schooling, it prepares your toddler for primary school.

Its specially designed curriculum includes child development in psychology, theatre, education and neuroscience. Overall, it is one of the top preschools Singapore has to offer to nurturing your little champs (18 months-6 years).


  • Bilingual and holistic curriculum

  • S.M.I.L.E.S. method of schooling

  • Focus on life beyond academics

  • Playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programmes

  • Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)-compliant teacher-child ratio

  • Encourages kids to ask questions and have peer-to-peer discussions

  • Half-day, full-day programmes

  • Safe environment

3. My First Skool

preschools singapore
preschools singapore

Image courtesy : Tickikids

Affordable fees, holistic curriculum, bilingual programmes and infant care option – sounds like something you’re looking for?

My First Skool is a perfect childcare facility that ensures all-round development with its non-traditional methods and focus on a child’s wide ranging interests.

From developing confidence, and social and academic skills to cultural intelligence and arts, the school offers it all.


  • Builds a ‘never give up’ attitude

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)-based learning

  • Develops confident, joyful, resilient kids

  • Holistic and bilingual curriculum

  • Home-away-from-home, safe environment

  • Infant care

  • Interactive learning corners to encourage imagination, creative thinking, socialising and artistic capabilities

Visit their website to register now!

4. The Little Skool House

preschools Singapore
preschools Singapore

Image courtesy:

The Little Skool House is known for its award-winning teachers who leave no stone unturned in preparing your tot for the future.

One of the best preschools Singapore has to offer, it includes a strong education programme. This programme will ensuring that your child develops confidence, linguistic skills, academic proficiency, and expertise necessary for primary school and life.

Register today and watch your little bundle of joy grow up to be a young, confident star.


  • Relationships- and literacy-based curriculum (English and Mandarin)

  • Award-winning teachers, safe environment

  • Infants to 6 years

  • Half-day, full-day programmes

  • Full-day programme includes breakfast, lunch and tea break

  • Special care for food allergy issues

  • Art/craft programmes, fencing, dance, sports, drama/speech and STEAM programmes

  • Conveniently located within major hubs

5. Brighton Montessori

preschools Singapore
preschools Singapore

Image courtesy :

Have all your child’s interests catered to with a one-to-one teaching approach and practical programmes at Brighton Montessori – one of the top preschools in Singapore.

Their low teacher-student ratio allows teachers to pay individual attention to every budding child and teach at children’s pace rather than following a rigid schedule.

The school aids self-discovery and exploration with its carefully designed curriculum, ensuring that your child is future-ready.


  • Enrichment programmes post school hours

  • Low teacher-student ratio

  • Intensive Chinese Immersion Programme

  • Respects children’s learning pace

  • Sensorial exercises, culture studies, practical life skill lessons

  • Montessori-trained teachers, safe environment, aesthetically appealing space

  • Enhanced parent-teacher communication

Enrol your child at Brighton Montessori.

6. EtonHouse

Preschools Singapore
Preschools Singapore

Image courtesy :

This is one of the top international preschools Singapore has to offer. Built for curious minds, EtonHouse offers bilingual programmes, personalised learning space and hands-on projects.

Its Inspire-Think-Learn curriculum paves way for developing high problem-solving and critical thinking capabilities.

At a very young age, EtonHouse teaches confidence, communication, environmental protection, logic, safety, respect and social skills. What more could you ask for!


  • Seven languages to choose from (including Hindi, Spanish and Malay)

  • Playgroup through high-school (18 months-15 years)

  • Reggio-Emilia approach (Inspire-Think-Learn), IB curriculum

  • Singapore preschools offer childcare from 7AM-7PM

  • Individual attention with 1:6 teacher-student ratio

  • Excellent facilities including breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks

  • Special care for food allergy/health issues, safe environment

  • Effective parent-teacher communication

7. Cherie Hearts

preschools Singapore
preschools Singapore

Image courtesy :

Cherie Hearts is for working parents who are looking for a safe infant care programme and nursery, kindergarten and preschool facilities.

It focuses on holistically developing a child’s emotional, cognitive, creative, social, discerning, financial and computational skills.

With Cherie Hearts, be rest assured that your little sweetheart is equipped with the 21st century skills, all set to master the world before them.


  • Infant care (8 weeks old) through preschool

  • Multi-literacy approach (critical, environmental, financial, digital and social literacy)

  • Safe environment

  • Enrichment programmes (arts, abacus, performing arts, sports, visual arts, music, drama, etc.)

  • Full-day, half-day programmes

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