Benny Lau wants to work with "Wong Ka Yan" team again

3 Jan – Hong Kong director Benny Lau recently revealed that he has plans to work with the "Wong Ka Yan" team again on a new movie in the future.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the director, who spoke about the success of the Karena Ng-starrer at a movie forum recently, admitted that he was surprised that the movie was well-received when it was released in mainland China.

"They really loved the nostalgic atmosphere of the early '90s Hong Kong, so I hope to continue with the style in my future movies," he said.

When asked whether the movie will have a sequel, Benny stated that he has considered working with the team again, although he has yet to discuss the plan with the actors.

"I haven't had the confidence to call Karena and Wong You Nam for now," he said.

When asked if he is worried that Karena's fee has increased since the last movie, Benny said that he would prefer it, since it means that the actress has a star power to attract cinemagoers.

(Photo Source: Wenweipo)