Benny Chan: Directing "Meow" is fun for me!

17 Jul - Hong Kong director Benny Chan admitted that directing the family comedy "Meow" is the most enjoyable experience he had as a filmmaker, according to On CC.

The director, who spoke to the media about the new movie recently, said that he and Louis Koo talked about making a comedy movie together back while they were working on the 2006 Jackie Chan-starrer, "Rob-B-Hood", and that Louis had expressed interest in doing something involving cats.

"This is the funniest and happiest movie in my career as a filmmaker. It was very stressful directing films with explosions and fun fights since we would have to start all over when things go bad. This time, nothing of the sort happened. Instead, we were playing while working," he said.

Benny was also full of praises for Louis and his comedic timing, adding that he didn't even have to persuade Louis to do funny scenes.

The only challenge, Benny said, was to create the cat alien character Sai Sai Lei.

"I was a little scared after finding out how hard it is to do the special effects. In the world of CGI, the most challenging thing of all is to recreate animal fur. In the end, I decided to work with three companies just to create one giant cat," he said.

"Meow" is scheduled for release this 3 August in Singapore.

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