Benny Blanco Releases ‘Bad Decisions’ Music Video Featuring BTS And Snoop Dogg

Benny Blanco BTS Bad Decisions
Benny Blanco BTS Bad Decisions

Benny Blanco dropped the music video for “Bad Decisions,” his much-awaited collaboration with Korean pop band BTS and American rapper Snoop Dogg, on his YouTube channel on 5 August at 1 pm KST (12 pm SGT).

The single is set to be featured in the American producer’s upcoming third album, which is expected to release later in 2022.

The music video comes weeks after Blanco and BTS revealed details about their collaboration with a fun video interaction.

Here’s all we know about the “Bad Decisions” music video release

Benny Blanco appears as a BTS fan

The music video for “Bad Decisions” is mainly focused on Blanco, who presents himself as a member of the ARMY — BTS’ fan base.

Blanco is seen in a room full of BTS merchandise and excitedly preparing for an upcoming concert by the globally renowned Korean boy band in Los Angeles, US.

The video shows Blanco perfecting BTS’ dance steps, baking a purple cake with the K-pop supergroup’s logo, creating a collage featuring the seven members, and selecting what he wants to wear to the concert.

Directed by Ben Sinclair, the fun and energetic video shows Blanco, unfortunately, getting stuck on the highway and running to the venue to get the best seat. However, he ends up discovering that the show is scheduled for the following day.

While Blanco delivers the main lyrics, BTS members sing the hook and punctuate the rap performed by Snoop Dogg.

More to come as per schedule

On 20 July, BTS members — Jin, Jimin, Jungkook and V — joined Blanco in a hilarious video call where they dropped the news of their collaboration.

The music video release is part of the collaboration. It will be followed by a lyric video of “Bad Decisions” on BTS’ official YouTube channel on 6 August and the official visualiser on Blanco’s YouTube channel on 8 August.

The schedule for the song concludes with the release of the BTS recording sketch on 16 August on the group’s channel.

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