Benjy is safely laid to rest

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13 Jul – Former Malaysian actor Benjy, real name Khaeryll Benjamin Ibrahim, has been safely laid to rest in Waqaf Pasar 4 Cemetery, Klambir Lima Kampung, Medan on 12 July, at 11AM local time.

The heartbreaking moment was witnessed by family members of the late actor, including his 16 year-old son, Firdaus Juan Benjamin, via a live broadcast on the WhatsApp application, said Secretary-General of the Association of Malaysian Artists (SENIMAN), Hafiz Nafiah.

"As a representative of SENIMAN, I had the opportunity to witness the funeral process of the late Benjy in a live video broadcast with the family and children of the deceased. Praise be to God, He has made everything much easier," he said.

Benjy is laid to rest in Medan, Indonesia
Benjy is laid to rest in Medan, Indonesia

Hafiz added that all funeral arrangements were made by the Tanjung Gusta Prison and the Malaysian Consulate General in Medan.

"If Benjy has ever made any mistake during his life, I beg all parties to forgive him. Truly, he was a strong and great human being to go through everything on his own until the end of his life," he added.

Benjy's death came as a surprise on 11 July, after it was revealed that he breathed his last due to an asthma attack at the Royal Prima Hospital in Medan. The actor was in his fourth year of incarceration in Indonesia after being found guilty of smuggling crystal methamphetamine back in 2017.

He was 42.

(Photo Source: Kosmo, SENIMAN Facebook)

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