Ben Yuen denies avoiding Golden Horse Awards for political reason

2 Dec – Hong Kong actor Ben Yuen has dismissed the idea that he was absent from the previously held Golden Horse Awards in order not to anger mainland fans.

As reported on Mingpao, Ben, who was one of the few Hong Kong actors who were nominated at the said awards, addressed the rumours at an event in Kowloon recently, saying that he had prior obligation that he could not leave in order to attend the awards.

"As my work has already been arranged, I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't even expect to be nominated," he said.

He dismissed the idea that his absence was political, saying that there was no pressure from any party at all.

"There was no pressure nor am I having any project in the mainland. There is no need to speculate too much," he added.

Ben was nominated Best Actor for his role in "Suk Suk", but lost to "A Sun" star, Chen Yi-wen.

(Photo Source: On CC)