Ben Affleck talks Batman, Wonder Woman and "Justice League"

Justice League: What Ben Affleck says Joss Whedon and Zack Snyder brought to the table

Warner Bros.’ superhero team up “Justice League” opens in Singapore on Thursday (16 November), and will see Batman (played by Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) doing their best to save the planet from a new threat.

Read what Affleck had to say about his role, his relationship with Gadot, and what he thinks about Batman being a non-superpowered superhero.

QUESTION: What are the stakes involved? What motivates Bruce Wayne to join forces with Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) to unite the League?

BEN AFFLECK: It’s your classic end-of-the-world scenario [laughs]. We certainly didn’t suffer from a lack of apocalyptic stakes in our storytelling. What’s interesting about it is that Bruce wants to come together with Diana to assemble this team.

He’s a pretty solitary and reclusive guy – almost antisocial at times – but he’s forced to become a leader in reaching out to this group of outsiders and cajoling them into working together for the greater good. And Batman doesn’t tend to play well with others, so it’s a lot of fun seeing him thrust into this leadership position.

QUESTION: After having fought together in battle, what is the dynamic now between Bruce and Diana as they partner up on this mission, and how was it to reteam with Gal Gadot?

BEN AFFLECK: Bruce and Diana are working very closely together and share a sense of urgency about the mission. They don’t have a romantic relationship in this film, but there’s a lot of chemistry and camaraderie in how they work together and get along. They don’t always agree, but both understand the importance of convincing these disparate heroes to unite for a single cause.

And Gal is awesome. She’s a pro, really smart, and I think her hard work and dedication really show in her performance. She has that deep quality onscreen that’s hard to define but you know it when you see it, and it’s pretty special.

QUESTION: The Justice League heroes all have innate powers, but Batman stands alone in that his power is self-made. What do you think he brings to the League?

BEN AFFLECK: Batman doesn’t have super powers. He’s a brilliant detective who relies on his wits and his training, and he understands what’s at stake and what needs to happen. There are definitely times in the movie when you can see the difference between somebody who’s got super-powers and somebody who doesn’t [laughs]. But the stakes are so high that Bruce is forced to step up and lead. And his will and determination to do what’s right are, I think, emblematic of what the Justice League comes to be all about.

You see the incredible power of this group and it dwarfs what Batman’s capable of. He’s just a guy with gadgets and a bulletproof suit, and yet he’s out there trying to cultivate friendships and collaborations with them because he knows this threat is too big for any one of them to fight on their own. Leadership and heroism are not just about what abilities you have; it’s about character. So, in a way, his power is having the courage to lead and the ability to inspire these people to go off and save the world together.

QUESTION: In Justice League, we get to see three new DC heroes in action – Jason Momoa as Aquaman/Arthur Curry, Ezra Miller as The Flash/Barry Allen and Ray Fisher as Cyborg/Victor Stone. How was it working with these actors and what do you think each brings to the mix?

BEN AFFLECK: I really enjoyed working with all of them. Ezra has a ton of energy and is a lot of fun. He’s an unconventional thinker and has got a really interesting view on life. I loved working with him. Same with Ray. This was effectively Ray’s first movie, so he brought the enthusiasm of a first-timer to the equation and, in the filming process, I got to enjoy and appreciate what we were doing through his eyes. And Jason is an incredible spirit. He kind of is a Super Hero in his own way [laughs], or, at least, seems like the closest of all of us to the real thing. He’s just a really inspiring person to be around.

QUESTION: Do you think your relationships as actors bled into the team dynamic we see onscreen?

BEN AFFLECK: We got along really well, and I think we hoped our chemistry and kinship would translate to the screen. I do think that when you feel at ease around people it comes across on film, and there was always a very fun and relaxed spirit on the set. It’s certainly helpful when you’re trying to lend realism and naturalism to stories that are inherently unreal, and one of the ways to do that is to just have a really good time together and hope that it rubs off on the movie.

QUESTION: While you were making Justice League, was there a scene or moment on set that was particularly fun or memorable for you?

BEN AFFLECK: The first time we were all in costume together was definitely memorable because it was such an iconic moment for all of us. We were geeking out and taking selfies. I think the studio was panicking because they thought we were going to tweet them out or something [laughs]. It was just a great feeling to have all of us standing there with these amazing costumes on – except Ray. His suit was computer-generated, so he got to wander around in pajamas all day while we were sweating through these leather outfits [laughs]. We were envious of Ray’s comfort, but he’s so charming you can’t hold it against him.

That day was a lot of fun, but every day was fun. We had an absolute blast telling this story and all felt really privileged to be part of it. Everybody worked hard because we wanted to get it right, but it was definitely a fan’s dream come true to have the whole Justice League together like that

QUESTION: What do you hope audiences will experience when they see Justice League in the cinema?

BEN AFFLECK: I just hope people have fun. We set out to deliver all the excitement and tension and escapism of a big Super Hero adventure for the audience, and we hope they’ll come along for the ride.


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