Ben Affleck Attempts to Freestyle With Ice Spice in New Dunkin’ Commercials

ben affleck and ice spice in new dunkin donuts commercial
Ben Affleck Recruits Ice Spice Onto Team Dunkin’YouTube

Ben Affleck’s passion for Dunkin’ Donuts just got a whole lot icier.

During last night’s MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, Dunkin’ released new video ads featuring the Air director alongside Gen Z rap prodigy Ice Spice. In the commercials, which were reportedly written and directed by Ben, the unlikely duo team up to promote the eatery’s latest fall-themed pumpkin spice drink.

Seated across the table from each other in a corporate conference room, Ben tells the young rapper, “We got to come up with a drink name, but it’s not easy, right? Nowadays, with social media, the kids, it’s gotta be authentic. How are people going to connect you with Dunkin’?”

Ice Spice enthusiastically retorts, “Hey, I’m a Dunkin’ girl.”

“I’m not seeing it,” Ben says, squinting at her.

“Ice Spice. My fans are the Munchkins,” she responds. (Munchkins are also Dunkin’s trademarked name for its doughnut hole treats.) “Ice … Spice … Munchkins drink?”

Ben then breaks out into a freestyle rap, leaving Ice Spice perplexed and concerned. See it for yourself below.

In another ad, the two stand in front of a whiteboard covered in scribbled mathematical equations and illustrations of pumpkins and coffee cups.

“Dunkin’ is very advanced. Science, algebra, formulas,” Ben tells Ice Spice while gesturing wildly with his hands. “You know, there’s a lot that goes into this. You can’t just come up with a name.”

“Ice Spice Munchkins drink,” the musician responds, before taking one of Dunkin’s Munchkin doughnuts and plopping it on top of a whipped cream frozen drink. “You put the Munchkin on the Dunkin’.”

This isn’t Ben's first stint with the American doughnut-and-coffee chain.

For this year’s Super Bowl, the actor briefly worked a shift at a local Dunkin’ in Medford, Massachussetts, where he surprised customers pulling up for their orders at the drive-thru. Ben's wife, Jennifer Lopez, even made a cameo.

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