Bella Thorne’s guide to homemade face masks

Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has long been open about her struggles with cystic acne.

However, the actress recently experienced a breakthrough with her complexion after discovering a new skincare expert, and her skin has now improved to the extent that she rarely wears make-up when off-duty. Speaking about her cleansing routine in a video for Harper’s Bazaar’s Go To Bed With Me series, Bella also shared that she swears by using natural products, and divulged the recipes for two of her go-to homemade face masks.

Lemon, sugar, and olive oil mask

When her skin needs exfoliation, Bella mixes together some lemon juice, sugar granules, and a dash of olive oil in a bowl. She then proceeds to apply a thin layer to her whole face and gently massages it in, before rinsing off a few minutes later.

“It’s definitely scrubbing and cleaning. It’s kind of working these pores in this circular motion, (which) is gonna help me activate the skin to become alive again in a sense,” the 21-year-old stated as she demonstrated her technique.

Additionally, Bella noted that her assistant has noticed a huge change in his acne scars since he started using the lemon mask.

“He just loves it so much, it’s been making his skin so smooth, and actually, it takes away the indents. You can cover redness with make-up, right, but you’ll never be able to cover texture,” she insisted.

Coconut oil, fresh cherry and honey mask

When Bella feels a breakout coming on, she mashes up some fresh cherries in a small container and mixes them with coconut oil and liquid honey.

“Coconut oil is antibacterial, honey is anti-inflammatory. And cherries are also anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. The coconut oil definitely balances everything out but I think really, the cherries, the liquid... I think that’s what makes everything feel so soft,” the star said, adding that she keeps stirring in coconut oil until the mixture feels right. “When you are working with all-natural products, it’s much easier to eye-ball it, because you’re most likely not going to hurt your skin.”

Bella leaves the fruity mask on for five to 10 minutes, and sometimes much longer, before washing off.

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