Bella Astillah says "Tetap Di Sini" is about appreciating one's relationship

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13 Jul - After facing multiple challenges throughout their marriage, Bella Astillah revealed that her new song, "Tetap Di Sini" is how she and her husband express their thoughts about their love.

Bella, who spoke about the song, which marks her first duet with husband Aliff Aziz, stated that the lyrics are pretty close to what she felt and went through before.

"This is the first time I was given the opportunity to collaborate with Aliff through a duet song. What makes it more special is that Aliff and I were given the opportunity to produce the lyrics of this song. Of course, we are happy because the song Tetap Di Sini reflects what we went through," she said.

Bella said that the song's message is about moving on, to not lament on the past and to appreciate what they have now.

"The recording process was very easy. Aliff also accompanied me from start to finish. The song is quite catchy too, so it was easier for me to convey it in a more fun way," she added.

As for the music video, Bella said that it is still in the plans as they have been quite busy with other obligations.

"We are working towards filming one as soon as possible," she added.

The couple are parents to two adorable kids
The couple are parents to two adorable kids

(Photo Source: Bella Astillah Instagram, Aliff Aziz Instagram)

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