Bela Padilla to star in new movie with Kim Gun-woo

Heidi Hsia

17 Feb – Bela Padilla will be paired up with South Korean actor Kim Gun-Woo in an upcoming joint-production between South Korea and the Philippines.

As reported on Push, the movie "Ultimate Oppa" will star Padilla as Yana, a Pinay fan of Korean stars, while Kim is to play the role of a Hallyu star manager named Jay.

The upcoming film is a collaborative effort between VIVA Entertainment and Reality Entertainment, with Hwang In-roo of "Princess Hours" fame as its director.

The film will reportedly be set around South Korea and the Philippines.

Kim is known for shows like "Fight My Way" and "Less Than Evil", while Padilla - a movie star in her own right - can be seen in the new movie, "On Vodka, Beers, and Regrets".

(Photo Source: Hallyu Life)