Bela Padilla files unjust vexation against stalker

Heidi Hsia

15 Jul – Bela Padilla has recently filed a formal case of unjust vexation against a man who claimed to be her former classmate and boyfriend.

As reported on Push, the actress who spoke about the case she filed at the Mandaluyong City Police Station, stated that a man she had never met showed up at her residence alongside two other male friends asking to see her after she arrived home from dinner.

"The guard called us to say that a visitor was coming up to surprise me, so I asked who he was. He said that it was my classmate from Davao, but I never lived or studied in Davao. So I told the guard not to let him in and take a picture of his ID," she said.

Padilla stated that the man insisted to see her, so she decided to call the barangay for help.

"My neighbour said they saw two other men in a car," she said, adding that she suspected that he had been stalking her for a while now.

This is not the first time the actress was faced with a stalker. Two years earlier, Padilla received a mysterious package of a book inserted with dead insects.

Padilla also took to social media to address the issue, saying, "A friend tried to comfort me by saying 'that's what's hard when you're kind.' But I refuse to change and be mean because of a person who tried to harm me. It's not my fault if I am kind, it's his fault that he did something wrong. Don't let your heart harden because of anyone."

(Photo Source: Bela Padilla Instagram)