Bedok North 85 Fried Oyster at Fengshan Market & Food Centre

What makes orh luak (fried oyster omelette) one of Singapore’s most beloved comfort foods? Usually enjoyed as part of a communal meal or as a late-night snack (we’re definitely guilty of the latter), this savory dish comprises of fresh oysters surrounded by a flour-and-egg mixture that’s fried till crispy.

We check in with Ng Soon Huat of Bedok 85 Fried Oyster Stall fame, who divulges how he prepares one of the best oyster omelettes in the country. A former seafood restaurant chef, Ng serves fried kway teow and both black and white versions of carrot cake at his current stall as well.

However, the popularity of its namesake dish is unmatched, which accentuates fresh shellfish with a charred flavour from the wok, known as ‘wok hei’. This humble business owner prepares the accompanying chili for his oyster omelette from scratch too. Drooling yet? Guess it’s a good thing the 18-year-strong eatery recently partnered with GrabFood, so all you hungry people around the island can access these acclaimed omelettes easily, when you check out Grab Hawker Picks on GrabFood.

Watch the video below:


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