New beauty launch 'Your Good Skin' sees Walgreens Boots Alliance target millennials

Your Good Skin Instagram

Walgreens Boots Alliance has millennials in its sights, with the launch of its first skincare line in 20 years.

‘Your Good Skin' launched at Boots stores in the UK this week, and is set to hit the shelves in the US at Walgreens on October 14, priced from $4.99 to $19.99, WWD reports.

The range has been designed to boost what it claims are the five key signs of healthy-looking skin, focusing on radiance, oiliness, moisture levels, skin texture and an even skin tone. The 23 products include various solutions to hydrate, mattify and fight blemishes, and the brand claims that 28 days of continuous use is enough to see an improvement in the complexion. There are gels, scrubs, masks, cleansers, wipes, a serum-like concentrate and even a lip balm in the lineup.

The range was closely developed with the help of 2,000 women in the UK -- who will now act as ‘coaches' for the brand's community, which consists of an online forum on its website

"When we started talking to women about what they wanted in the space, the key thing they told us that their skin doesn't come with an instruction manual -- one day it's dry, the next it's oily and has blemishes," Kristof Neirynck, vice president and global brand director of skin care for Walgreens Boots Alliance, told WWD. "What came out of it is this mindset of problem-solution. A lot of this proposition is around preventing skin issues in the first place."