Diane Bonheur launches new artisanal craft shampoo and treatment line

The Orange Flower Shampoo range restores dull and dry hair, tames frizziness and restores your beautiful and supple hair. (PHOTO: Diane Bonheur)

SINGAPORE – The new Diane Bonheur line is so pretty you can’t resist picking up its bottle to admire it. Its Grasse Rose range is a bubblegum pink and the aroma of freshly cut Grasse roses and musk soothes the senses.

The beauty brand’s new natural and organic shampoo and treatment line comes in two ranges, Grasse Rose and Orange Flower, infused with ingredients found in fine fragrances from Grasse, France – the sacred cradle of perfumery where precious Rose de Mai is grown. 

Rose de Mai, also known as May Rose, is a rare variety of rose that is only harvested in May each year in Grasse. 


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Grasse Rose Treatment (left) and Shampoo (right). (PHOTO: Diane Bonheur)
Grasse Rose Treatment (right) and Shampoo. (PHOTO: Diane Bonheur)

Artisanal craft shampoos

With a “Farm to hair” philosophy, Diane Bonheur works with trusted farmers and carefully selects everything, from the soil and seeds to their sources of origin. 

Diane Bonheur means “happiness” in French and stands for the happy connection between the farmlands, Mother Nature, manufacturers and Diane Bonheur. The precious oils used in Diane Bonheur’s craft shampoos are 100% cold-pressed single origin oils that are traceable to farmlands and trusted by procurement experts. It takes 300 flowers to produce one drop of essential oil.

Single origin oils

Single origin oils refer to their traceability in terms of location, personnel and method of production. The pure and high quality oil has been meticulously produced by artisans, from cultivation of the plants to extraction. 

Diane Bonheur is formulated with 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients to provide a luxurious dense foam without the use of harsh chemicals and surfactants. The products are free from silicones, sulphates, parabens, artificial colourants, mineral oils and animal-derived ingredients.

Diane Bonheur products (S$22.90 each for shampoo and treatment) are now available at Watsons, Don Don Donki, BHG, BHG Welcia and Tokyu Hands.