Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More Love

chania and white mountains
Beautiful Cities in Greece That Deserve More LoveMathew Grimm - Getty Images

Tourists visiting Greece are likely to include popular locations like Athens and Mykonos to their travel itinerary. While the former is known for all of its rich history and cultural landmarks, the latter delivers beautiful beaches and a seaside atmosphere. Both places make for a wonderful trip, but they are only two locations in a vast, beautiful country that has so much more to offer its guests. There are a number of stunning cities across Greece that combine the country's deep-rooted history with serene beaches and robust nature and wildlife just waiting to be explored by visitors from all around the world.


A port city that also happens to the be Greece's third largest by population, Piraeus is home to some of the country's most cherished religious and historical landmarks. Located only 8 kilometers southwest of Athens, visitors can easily check out the Archaeological Museum of Piraeus.

chania and white mountains
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Chania is a harbor city on the northwest coast of Crete where guests can soak in the beauty of a restored lighthouse during the day. In the evening, the Old Venetian Port, which is lined with shops and restaurants, comes to life. Between the charming old world feel and quaint cobblestone streets, you'll never want to leave.

waves crashing on lighthouse, chania, crete, greece
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Agios Nikolaos

Agios Nikolas, located on the coast of Crete, is known for its beautiful beaches, small coves, and serene coastal villas. The fall is particularly special here, as the excellent natural lighting offers the opportunity for guests to snap photos that capture the city's stunning color palette.

beautiful agios nikolaos town on lake voulismeni at night
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A hidden gem located off the beaten path in Santorini, Pyrgos is one of the highest villages on the island of Santorini, offering breathtaking views of Fira and Oia. Only a short bus ride from Fira, Pyrgos is a charming, one-of-a-kind destination with ancient streets bursting with Grecian history.

panorama of pyrgos, santorini, greece
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Home to vast array of beaches, archaeological sites, and painterly landscapes, Rethymno is known for its historic Rethymno Lighthouse as well as Renaissance and Ottoman architecture alike. Visitors can delight in enjoying a treat at one of the many charming cafes adorning the Old Town district's narrow cobblestone streets and alleyways.

panoramic view of sea and buildings against sky,rethimno,greece
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Situated along the lake in northwestern is Kastoria, a narrow peninsula city home to more than 60 Byzantine churches. A visit to Kastoria offers stunning views of the Orestiada Lake as well as the tranquil Grammos and Vitsi Mountains.

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To the west of Athens lies the city of Patras, which contains the Saint Andrew Church and Apollon Municipal Theatre that make up the heart of this bustling port town. Visitors can enjoy the colorful neoclassic mansions, romantic lighthouse, and the Spinney, a pine-tree covered hill just west of the city that offers some of the prettiest views in all of Greece.

chania and white mountains
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A coastal city in the eastern Peloponnese region, Nafplion is home to Turkish fountains, neoclassical mansions and charming cobblestone alleys in the medieval Old Town. Some of the most romantic views can be observed during sunset around the Arvanitia Promenade, where the oft photographed Venetian fortress Bourtzi can be seen lit up at night.

nafplio town and bourtzi, nafplio, greece
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Ioannina is the capital of Epirus, and it is surrounded by Lake Pamvotida, a beloved hallmark of the city. The city is home to charming cafe-lined streets, the famed Castle of Ioannina, and picturesque landscapes of the mountains surrounding the area.

aslan pasha mosque in ioannina
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Volos is a large port city that sits beneath Mt. Pelion. A trip to Volos offers a number of historic churches and industrial buildings to explore, as well as the gorgeous, tree-lined Rigas Feraios Square. The city is best seen on foot or by bike.

church at the seafront of volos city as seen early in the morning
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The capital of Lesvos, Mytilene is surrounded by the Aegean Sea. Some of the best views of Mytilene can be found from atop the Mytilene Castle and The Monastery of Saint Raphael. Cafes and shops line Mytilene's Promenade and the stunning sea views paired with locally grown food and wine make this city one not to miss.

fishing boat in mytilene harbour, lesvos, greece
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Located in northwestern Greece in the Epirus region, Arta is most widely recognized for the unmistakeable and stunning Bridge of Arta. Surrounded by mountains, the Arahthos river, and stunning lagoons, Arta has one of the most varied ecosystems in Greece.

illuminated bridge of arta on arachthos river at night in greece
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Last but not least, one of the most unique cities in Greece is located quite literally off the beaten path. Monemvasia is an island connected by a single road to the mainland of Peloponnese. Cars aren't allowed beyond the city's entrance, making it a pedestrian-only city that is surrounded by a fortress wall. Monemvasia is home to historic buildings, Byzantine churches and the gorgeous Fortress of Youlàs which boasts the greatest views.

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