Beach, Please: Pangkor Aims To Reopen In September

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Good news for vacationers and tourists! Pangkor Island is set to reopen soon with targets to achieve herd immunity by September and proclaim itself COVID-free. (Alea Film/Unsplash)

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In order to revive the travel and tourism sector, travel hotspots around Malaysia need to reopen to tourists. Malaysia’s Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture (MOTAC) is working hard and focusing on speeding up the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in targeted vicinities; such as Perak’s Pangkor Island that plans to reopen in September. By doubling Pangkor’s inoculation rate to at least 500 people daily, the island will gain herd immunity soon.

The operation is a part of the Tourism Recovery Plan whereby its first phase will commence with Langkawi Island, Kedah that’ll reopen in early September. Pangkor is one of Malaysia’s most visited destinations, and will be piloting Phase 2 of the plan. More prominent islands to jump on the bandwagon include Tioman, Redang, and more.

Another initiative by MOTAC includes its Rindu Melancong? Jom Vaksin Dulu! Campaign where they’ve partnered up with the Malaysian Association of Taxi/ Limousine Drivers and Operators and Car Rental Operators (PETEKMA) Pangkor Island Branch. The objective of the campaign is to influence the public to get their COVID-19 vaccinations by making it easy for local villagers to receive their inoculations at PPVs.

There’s also some good news from across the Causeway. Singapore will begin quarantine-free travel by September. Families who’ve been separated by the Malaysia-Singapore border may reunite soon as the Malaysian government is still in talks with Singapore to allow those fully-vaccinated group to travel freely. Overall, Singapore is looking to ease restrictions to fully-vaccinated travellers that will see them require no quarantine or permit them to self-isolate. The island state also wishes to remove the mask mandate in outdoor spaces.


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