Bea Santiago admits to suffer from chronic kidney disease

9 Aug – Actress Bea Santiago recently admitted that she is suffering from chronic kidney disease that she blames on her "gym life".

As reported on ABS-CBN, the former beauty queen shared her struggle with her condition through a series of Instagram Stories posted last weekend, writing, "Yes, I'm sick. I damaged my kidneys when I was younger. My kidneys are more sensitive than a normal late 20s healthy woman. I can't overdo things, and I just found out."

"Came to the hospital for my severe migraines and we found out something potentially more dangerous. I'm thankful but at the same time really scared."

She added, "Guys, if you take pre-workout [drinks]... plus heavy workout, be careful! Apparently, there are many more like me! We damaged our kidneys because of our gym life!"

Santiago also urged the fans to always ask their doctors and make sure of their own health condition before changing their diet.

(Photo Source: Bea Santiago Instagram)