Bea Alonzo on why she started her own vlog

13 Feb – Bea Alonzo has always been a bit private about her personal life, which is why it was surprising that she decided to start her own vlog last year.

According to Inquirer, the actress, who spoke about her vlog, By Bea recently, stated that she is just keeping up with the trend in the digital age.

"It's not natural for me to share my personal life with others, but I've decided to make a vlog so my fans will have an idea on how I am in real life," she said.

Stressing how important her fans are to her, Alonzo believed that her vlog enabled her to share her interests and hobbies with them.

For now, the actress has uploaded 12 videos on her YouTube channel, with the last one - a 53-second video about what went down before the ABS-CBN Ball - posted four months ago.

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram)