Bea Alonzo finds new passion in paintings and plants

Heidi Hsia

1 Jun – Bea Alonzo has found a new passion since being under the enhanced community quarantine - painting and planting.

On 30 May, the actress posted a video of the many greeneries she keeps indoors, as well as a photo of her working on her painting while surrounded by her finished works.

She wrote, "Trying different things in this unprecedented time. Never even thought of painting before, (don't judge! I just started and am not claiming to be good at it!)."

Alonzo stated that developing the two new hobbies has made her realise that arts and plants go very well together.

"It's like reading a book, you are taken to another world, a world where you are the only one allowed to enter. It's an escape. Since I haven't been acting for quite some time now because of the pandemic, I thought, I should find an outlet for my creativity. It's nice. It makes my heart happy," she added.

Aside from her new-found hobbies, Alonzo has also been using her free time to do a lot of charity work through her fundraiser, I Am Hope, which she co-founded with Rina Navarro.

(Photo Source: Bea Alonzo Instagram)