‘Batwoman’ Fans Celebrate Javicia Leslie’s ‘Badass’ Debut: ‘New Batwoman, Who Dis!’

Andrea Towers
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With Sunday night’s Season 2 premiere of “Batwoman,” Javicia Leslie officially made her debut as the newest superhero in Gotham.

For months, fans wondered how Leslie would be introduced to the CW series, given Ruby Rose’s abrupt departure from the role after just one season. That question was answered last night, as viewers discovered that Kate Kane’s plane to National City had crashed. Leslie’s Ryan Wilder finds Kate’s batsuit (but no body), and she bravely decides to take up the mantle.

Showrunner Caroline Dries promised last week that Kate’s disappearance will be addressed throughout the season, noting, “it will be a huge roller coaster for all of our characters. And my hope is that it feels like a very awesome, satisfying resolve.” In the meantime, fans are already on board with the newest superhero of the “Arrowverse.”

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“I’ve been obsessed with the Batfam my whole entire life — and this episode of #Batwoman is absolutely everything I could have dreamed of for this series, for the evolution of the character, for this moment in time, and I cannot WAIT to see where it goes,” one viewer tweeted.

Other fans celebrated the significance of Leslie making history as the first woman of color to step into the Batwoman role.

“We all just watched a BLACK Batwoman on TV with the bat team being other minorities,” one excited fan noted after watching.

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See more of the overwhelmingly positive reactions to Leslie’s debut below.

New #Batwoman, who dis! pic.twitter.com/PgcjClfpKM

— Mo Walker (@doctormo77) January 18, 2021

I absolutely LOVED the first episode. The whole cast is amazing. Ryan is a badass, I can’t wait to see how her story progresses. I’m loving her dynamic with Luke and Mary already. 😊🦇 #batwoman pic.twitter.com/0jSdBSdLvc

— Carly (@KxllxngEve) January 18, 2021

I enjoyed the season 2 premiere of #Batwoman. @JaviciaLeslie is great as #RyanWilder who will make a great #Batwoman. The respect Ryan showed for the suit and what it means, “It is one thing to put it on, it is another thing to wear it”, sold me on the character.

— David Mansfield (@TheUncannyDMan) January 18, 2021

Me: I’m only watching Batwoman for the plot.

The plot: pic.twitter.com/sOJZMIP8my

— Estevan (@BlitzSpyder) January 18, 2021

RYAN IS AMAZING!! LOVE HER ALREADY!! WOW!! Javicia already has more #Batwoman comic book energy than Ruby ever had, sorry not sorry. 🤷😍👌💕 x pic.twitter.com/LlfeESj1No

— Siobhan 🇬🇬 (@slinehan1) January 18, 2021

i truly respect that ryan found the bat suit and with no hesitation, decided that it fits so it's hers now #batwoman pic.twitter.com/LfVVUahw2w

— laurry🌱 (@laurwrites) January 18, 2021


I'LL ALREADY PROTECT HER HOWEVER I CAN SHE'S SO PRECIOUS 💖😭💗🇧🇷 THANK U SO MUCH @JaviciaLeslie#batwoman pic.twitter.com/SqueU5InsM

— 𝔾uiff ʬ⁸⁴ (@frostcanary) January 18, 2021

The 1st black bat woman 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥#Batwoman pic.twitter.com/rWq15JQfZ4

— R.I.P Daddy (@ladyg2021) January 18, 2021

Ruby Rose: I might’ve left, but I know they’ll keep my character warm if I come back one day

#Batwoman writers: pic.twitter.com/r8FkCkbvih

— THE Gentleman (@Abovethelaw187) January 18, 2021

"You can have this damn suit back when her killer is dead" GO ON RYAN! 😍🔥💞 #Batwoman x pic.twitter.com/Y4ZtJZhpsx

— Siobhan 🇬🇬 (@slinehan1) January 18, 2021

THE SUIT UP!!!! #Batwoman pic.twitter.com/zGnjGxlbyH

— kaid 🛸 (@danversolsens) January 18, 2021

@MetalGearMando Batwoman summed up in 11 seconds. pic.twitter.com/yIsiYFchBy

— Mr. Bug (@buggy_con) January 18, 2021

I legitimately love Ryan Wilder as #Batwoman! Good job writers! pic.twitter.com/VVs8jWsnCh

— John Williams #WonderWoman1984 #WandaVision (@jwilliams051197) January 18, 2021

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