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‘The Dark Knight Returns’ (Winner: Batman)

Zack Snyder has cited Frank Miller’s iconic 1986 story as a big influence on Batman v Superman, with the film borrowing the Bat-armor used by Bruce Wayne in his brutal battle with the Man of Steel. Here, Superman is depicted as a tool of the oppressive government, charged with bringing in the rogue vigilante. Batman uses his armor, missiles, a sonic gun, acid, and ultimately a kryptonite-tipped projectile launched by Green Arrow to temporarily take down Superman.

'Batman v Superman': Here Are Their Greatest All-Time Fights From the Comics

Marcus Errico
Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

It’s been a schoolyard staple for decades: Who would win, Batman or Superman? At first blush, the easy answer would be the god-like Kryptonian in a cakewalk over the all-too-human Caped Crusader. But not so fast. While the two heroes are typically depicted as the bestest of super friends in the DC comics universe, they’ve come to blows for various reasons over the years and the fights are not as one-sided as one might think. To mark the release of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we went back to the books to track down the many times the duo faced off — click through to see who had the edge on the page and whether that gives any clues to who will come out on top in the movie.