The Barretto sisters initiate Emergency Quarantine Facility project

Heidi Hsia

8 Apr - Julia Barretto and sisters Claudia and Dani are the latest celebrities to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, by starting a fundraiser to build an Emergency Quarantine Facility for coronavirus cases.

The actress took to social media to share about the initiative, that has been dubbed #ParaMayBukas, writing, "Our hospitals are now facing a major overcrowding problem due to the rise of COVID-19 patients in the country. To help lessen the burden on our hospitals, [Dani Barretto], [Claudia Baretto], and I, in partnership with [WTA Design Studio], are working together to raise funds to build an Emergency Quarantine Facility."

Barretto stated that their goal is to reach a donation of over P600,000 to cover the following:
1. P 350,000 for 1 EMERGENCY QUARANTINE FACILITY -an architecturally designed facility that will serve as quarantine location for patients who need to be isolated.
2. P250,000 for Workforce Requirements to provide Meals and Personal Protective Equipments for the builders and volunteers.

"Our objective is to provide an Emergency Quarantine Facility (EQF) for COVID-19 cases and in that way, we can also relieve hospitals from being too crowded with patients at one time," she added.

According to its page, the project has now raised a total of P 155,153.68.

(Photo Source: Julia Barretto Instagram)