Baron Geisler defends Liza Soberano over "Tililing" issue

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

10 Feb – Baron Geisler recently defended Liza Soberano over her previous post that criticised the poster of his new movie, "Tililing".

As reported on ABS-CBN, the issue sparked earlier this week, when Soberano shared the image of the said poster, in which the actors could be seen making funny faces that seemed to be stereotyping mental health patients.

The poster for 'Tililing' that sparked the issue
The poster for 'Tililing' that sparked the issue

She wrote, "Really hoping that this movie will spread awareness and enlighten us on the struggles of dealing with mental health. But the poster? It's a no for me. Mental health is NOT a joke. Stop the stigma."

Although some supported the actress for her statement, others slammed her for judging the movie based on its poster instead of watching it for herself.

Following the backlash, Baron Geisler, one of the stars of the movie, took to Facebook to defend Soberano, writing, "Please don't bash Liza. Please be kind. Sometimes we get overprotective with our advocacies. She did not mean to look down on the poster."

"I believe she meant well, folks. Please be kind," he added.

Soberano had since expressed her gratitude to the actor, and apologised for her previous post.

"I'm afraid my intentions were misinterpreted. I always want the best for films that tap into mental health, so I wish this film all the best. Looking forward to seeing it," she added.

(Photo Source: Baron Geisler Instagram, Darryl Yap Facebook)