Barack Obama Addresses Racist Charlottesville Rally With Nelson Mandela Quote

Dino-Ray Ramos and Dominic Patten

Following a delayed and controversial response by Donald Trump to the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia today, former President Barack Obama has spoken out about the gathering and subsequent violence on social media this evening.

While never directly saying the word Charlottesville, the 44th POTUS quoted one of his heroes Nelson Mandela in a trio of tweets poignantly spotlighting foundations of racism and hate. Obama  hasn’t tweeted since July 19, so the timing clearly implied he was sharing his thoughts on the events in Charlottesville.

Obama was not the only significant Democrat to address the tragedy and hatred of Charlottesville today. Former Vice President Joe Biden, former presidential candidate and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Senator Bernie Sanders and former President Bill Clinton also tweeted their thoughts.

The tweet from former VP Biden was clearly a direct response to the inadequate remarks made by the former Celebrity Apprentice host this morning where he put blame “on many sides.”  A number of people criticized Trump for not directly addressing the March by white supremacists and the subsequent actions today in the University of Virginia town.

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