Baldur’s Gate 3 mod adds nearly 40 playable D&D races - and Final Fantasy 14’s cat girls are on the menu

 Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.4 The Dark Throne
Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.4 The Dark Throne

A Baldur's Gate 3 modder has introduced over 50 additional races to the game, from D&D, and beyond – the latter being particularly neat as it includes the likes of Final Fantasy 14.

As the creator, Dungeons and Souls, explains on Nexus Mods, the Fantastical Multiversus project opens up Baldur's Gate 3's rendition of Faerun to the other races that exist within D&D 5e, the upcoming One D&D edition, and other homebrew versions of other games like Final Fantasy 14. If the promise of cat girls prompted you to click on the story (I can't blame you) and you don't know D&D lingo, homebrew content in D&D is unofficial and fan-made.

What this all means is that downloading the Fantastical Multiversus mod gives you access to the Changeling, Kobold, and more from wider D&D; races from Grim Hollow material like the Laneshi; and Final Fantasy 14's Hyurs, Elezens, Roegadyns, and Garleans.

That's not all, either. Dungeons and Souls plans to add more races in future updates. Fans of D&D may be pleased to know the Hobgoblin and Kenku are on the way, though of the utmost importance to Final Fantasy 14 fans, surely, is that Viera and Miqo'te are on the to-do list. That's right – cat girls and bunny boys are coming to Baldur's Gate 3, even if you're not an FF14 fan, as D&D's own cat people, the Tabaxi, are also on the list.

As for how Fantastical Multiversus balances out races from various iterations of D&D and beyond, the modder has worked to ensure that everything is consistent. As such, since Baldur's Gate 3 is based on D&D's fifth edition, Dungeons and Souls has made the tweaks necessary to current classes that have been revised with Unearthed Arcana: Player's Handbook 2024 or Mordenkainen's Presents: Monsters of the Multiverse.

"Fantastical Multiverse aims to aid players who play races outside of the vanilla and encourages the fantastical; having races included not just found in Faerûn but also from Eberron, Krynn, Etharis, Golarion, Malipāla, and even Eorzea!" they say. "All Species (Races) have been revised or made compatible in order to be relevant to Monsters of the Multiverse or One D&D standard to ensure that none of the races fall behind if they aren't already upgraded by the source material."

If you're looking for instructing to download the mod, you can check out the link above.

Meanwhile, 23 years after D&D 3rd Edition, Baldur's Gate 3 has reignited the cold war between Wizards and Sorcerers.