Back To Botanics: Grounded Beauty Products For Healthy Skin

Cally Cheung
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Botanical beauty products are on the rise again when we seek more holistic ways to keep ourselves healthy during this period. As we march into the new month, these are a few of our favourite things that keep our spirits grounded and skin glowing.

Spa Esprit & Compendium


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A post shared by Spa Esprit (@spaesprit) on Feb 18, 2020 at 12:50am PST

If drinking gin makes you healthier, then it is no surprise why the treat of Spa Esprit & Compendium’s limited edition Gin and Detox Plantation Shower Gel entices both skincare and alcohol lovers. Coined as wholly Singaporean in nature, the collaboration pays tribute to our eclectic heritage and homegrown brands.

The luscious formula is infused with local flavours inspired by the distillery’s signature Rojak Gin, boasting of juniper berries, clary sage, lemon peel, and torch ginger essential oil. The resulting scent is much like your favourite gin, clean and refreshing, invigorating the senses and skin without the hangover.

Whal Myung

Save a little more time everyday with one of the best multitasking skincare secret, Whal Myung. The cult favourite Skin Elixir is a potent stand in for toner, serum, and oil, promising to diminish signs of ageing and dark spots with its moisturising herb, almost medicinal, concoction. Those who prefer an intensive treatment can opt for the mask version, which uses a special facial mask material that latches on to copious amounts of essence and smells fantastic.

The WM5 Meltaway Cleansing Balm, a sherbet formula that thoroughly-cleanses and rehydrates your skin after a long day of wearing makeup, is also great for those combating dry and/or sensitive skin.



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A post shared by chantecailleSG (@chantecaillesg) on Feb 26, 2020 at 11:29pm PST

Combining beauty with altruism, Chantecaille is no stranger to the beautiful world of philanthropy. Set to launch in Singapore this week, their Spring 2020 Makeup Collection supports the Amazon Conservation Team in its efforts on behalf of ASOMI, a group of female elders and healers seeking to secure stewardship of their land in the Andes Amazon.

The limited edition collection plays with the symbol of the hummingbird, reflecting elements in both its Lip Chic and Eye Quartets lines. The Lip Chic, a hybrid of gloss and lipstick, will now be available in a series of stunning nude and coral shades: Coral Bell, Honeysuckle, Lupine and Passion Flower. The Eye Quartets packages four different shades into a convenient family of Warm or Cool looks.

Also in the collection, the Perfect Blur Finishing Powder is a step-up from the classic translucent powders, using instead innovative optically correcting pearls and blurring spheres to filter out imperfections on the skin.

Forest Beauty


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A post shared by 氧顏森活 Forest Beauty (@forestbeauty_tw) on Nov 21, 2019 at 8:00pm PST

Since our acquaintance with Taiwanese beauty brand Forest Beauty last year, they have launched their products at all local Watsons stores. While the brand is approaching its fourth year, it is still pretty under the radar, considering that their high-quality facial masks are made with innovative formulas and advanced biotechnology research from Taiwan.

The Aesthetic Beauty Facial Mask is their newest line to hit our shores. It is a special collaboration with renowned fashion designer, Daniel Wong, who has previously dressed celebrities and models like Lady Gaga and Heidi Klum. The series is especially suitable for our erratic weather of late, with the Pore Minimizing & Oil Control Mask, formulated with caviar lime and red clover flower, an instant favourite for its mattifying properties, and the Renewing and Oxygen Refreshing Mask a perfect pick-me-up throughout the week.

Cha Tzu Tang


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A post shared by 茶籽堂 (@chatzutang) on Oct 1, 2015 at 1:40am PDT

Another hidden gem from Taiwan, Cha Tzu Tang marries traditional regional ingredients with the spirit of old craftsmanship. Their hero product is the hand-harvested Camellia Oil, which produces a complex and rich elixir with a myriad of health and skincare benefits. The attention paid to their highly coveted products, coupled with intricate designs that frequently spotlight native fauna species, has led them to be included in the prestigious Golden Horse Awards giftset for four years!

Newcomers to this brand will be delighted with the Classic Botanic Hand Cream Gift Set, which features four botanical creams that heal, hydrate, and increase skin elasticity; or the utterly adorable Fawn Bag Travel Set with sample-sizers of their cleansing series as a teaser.


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