Babyjohn Choi hosts more shows to make ends meet

8 Jan – Realising the current dire situation surrounding the Hong Kong film industry, actor Babyjohn Choi decided to take on more hosting jobs in order to make ends meet.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who has been hosting shows on television for the past few months, shared that he was already scheduled to film several projects earlier, but that it has been postponed due to current circumstances.

"I understand the challenges of the present. Everybody is facing their own difficulties and we really have to learn how to cope. Although the income has been greatly reduced, it's still enough to support my living," he said.

Babyjohn added that he will not let himself feel down and instead find himself more jobs to take on while waiting for the opportunities.

As for his spending, the actor said that he is fortunate to be the kind of person who rarely splurges when it comes to fashion.

"I usually use my money to buy daily necessities and food, which is why I was very happy when I was offered to shoot ViuTV's "Foodie Talkies"," he enthused.

However, the actor stated that he is still pursuing his dreams when it comes to the film industry, having established his own studio in May last year.

"I want to create a story and make a movie. I want to be a filmmaker," he said.

(Photo Source: Babyjohn Choi Instagram)