"Baby On Top" producer wants to make a franchise of the series

13 Mar – "Who Wants a Baby?" producer Liu Chun-shek recently expressed his hope that the said drama could be turned into its own franchise in the veins of shows like "Forensic Heroes", "Armed Reaction" or "Heart of Greed".

As reported on HK01, the TVB producer who spoke about the second instalment of the hit show, titled "Baby On Top", stated that he would like to continue producing stories about parenthood and childcare through different stages.

"The first series was about a couple learning to be parents for the first time, while this second season will focus on kids age two to three years old. We want to discuss about these kids going to school," he said.

However, Liu admitted that it hasn't been easy casting the drama, especially when it comes to finding toddlers.

"You can use several different babies to play one character, but it's harder to find replacement actors for a child age two or three," he said.

Adding to that challenge is the fact that the outbreak of COVID-19 is making the talent search even harder.

"We haven't cast our child actors yet. We will be filming those scenes last and focus on the adults for now," he added.

"Baby On Top" stars Kenneth Ma, Eliza Sam, James Ng, and Kiki Sheung.

(Photo Source: hk01)