Baby Shima upset by malicious-intent behind viral photo

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19 Nov – Baby Shima recently admitted that she was indeed the woman in a recent photo that went viral on social media.

The singer gave a teary-eyed confession on Instagram on 17 November, stating that she doesn't know how the photo – where she can be seen acting chummy with a man in a night club - went viral, but that the person who spread it must have done so to embarrass and damage her reputation.

"Why would I do such a gimmick to embarrass myself?" she said.

The singer, who was clearly troubled by the responses people had of the photo, stated that many believed what they saw without knowing what actually happened.

"If you all want to know, that photo? I was shooting at that time. I was filming the new music video for my single, "Lalai". Are you happy now?" she asked, before ending the video.

The photo that made many jumped to conclusions
The photo that made many jumped to conclusions

It was earlier this week that the photo circulated online. It had since sparked speculations among netizens, who mostly slammed Baby Shima for being "immoral".

In another post, the singer said that she doesn't understand why people hate her so much.

"I never got involved in other people's marriage, other people's family, or ask for your parents' money. Honestly, I am not strong enough to face all of this. Can you understand how I feel?"

The said music video, which had since been released on YouTube, later explained the said photo. It is actually part of a scene where Baby Shima plays a member of a trio of thieves whose job is to distract their victim at a night club through seduction.

(Photo Source: Baby Shima Instagram, Berita Harian)

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