B-Movie ‘Bad CGI Gator’ Brings Raunchy Camp That’s So Bad, The Crap CGI Is Better

Campy creature features are still in fashion today, with moviegoers recently experiencing a drugged-up bear tearing people apart and a vampire-shark hybrid. Cue Bad CGI Gator, a B-movie featuring a badly rendered computer-generated graphics (CGI) alligator terrorising six horny graduates with acting so bad, the crappy CGI of the film’s monster seems better.

This might be the next big crocodile-slash-alligator creature feature since Crawl, guys.

Bad CGI Gator is set in a cabin by the swamplands of Georgia, where six raunchy Gen-Z’ers choose to spend their spring break on some risqué fun. The trip of their fantasies would be cut short after one of them throws their laptop into the lake, angering the alligator that resides in it.

The trailer features the hallmarks of any horror B-movie — bucketloads of blood and fake dismembered limbs, and character archetypes like ‘the blonde’, ‘the jock’ (who claims he’s trained in special-ops before getting eaten), and a timid ‘normie’.

Bad CGI Gator movie
Bad CGI Gator movie

What else can this bad CGI gator do except munch on its unfortunate victims? It can fly and it ends up growing bigger than the cabin, as shown at the end of the trailer.

Bad CGI Gator is produced by studio Full Moon Features along with Charles and Zalman Band. Charles Band is also producing the upcoming Barbenheimer film. Just like any B-movie, Bad CGI Gator stars B-list actors who debuted in similar B-movies or have made short appearances in different Hollywood movies and TV series. Ben VanderMey (as a frat boy in Baby Driver) and Rebecca Stoughton (Friends of Summer) are two of the six main cast members.

Bad CGI Gator B-Movie
Bad CGI Gator B-Movie

The film promises ‘high-quality fun’ and ‘high-quality carnage’ despite the poor-quality render of the alligator. Are these claims true? The audience will be the judge of the quality of this film when it releases on Full Moon Features’ Amazon Prime channel on 24 November 2023.

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