Azura Zainal is excited for her big screen debut

The TV personality is excited to finally make her big screen debut via "Temuan Takdir"

Azura Zainal hopes to land more acting offers after "Temuan Takdir".

27 Jul – Actress, host and singer Azura Zainal is excited to be given the chance to star in Dhyan Vimal's film, "Temuan Takdir".

According to Azura, this feels like a dream come true for her as she had always wished to act in a film for the big screen.

"I have acted for television, theatre, hosted and also modelled, but what I craved for most was to make it on the big screen, and now I have achieved it," said Azura when met at the pre-screening of "Temuan Takdir" held at GSC Mid Valley, last 26 July.

When asked about the issues she faced whilst working on the production, Azura said she was lucky to have no issues at all, only that there was a bit of a challenge to play a headstrong character like Ros.

"Personally, I am quite a shy person and I don't really reveal much of my feelings to others. Even though from the outside I may seem loud, but I am quite the opposite."

"I have my colleagues to thank for that as they were not stingy in sharing their acting tips thus helping me to act out the role successfully."

With this role in hand, Azura hopes that she will be getting more acting offers in the future.

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