Azhan Rani on Fasha Sandha injury: Be mad at me if you want!


6 Mar – Azhan Rani would rather not say anything regarding the injury suffered by Fasha Sandha following the filming accident that occurred last week in respect of the actress.

The actor, who went to visit his co-star at the hospital following the incident, stated that he would give Fasha the right to share her experience herself as soon as she is well enough.

"For the time being, I will accept any opinions, insults or backlash. Just give it to me if that's the only way for you to find relief. But don't forget to send your prayers to my [acting] partner Fasha Sandha so that she will recover," he wrote.

He also thanked Fasha's husband Aidil Aziz who welcomed his presence at the hospital, as well as the whole production of "Anak Tuan" for their cooperation.

"Give Fasha some space to rest for now. God willing, when she is better, she will talk about it herself," he said.

On the other hand, Azhan also revealed that he received a voice note from Fasha, assuring him that it was not his fault.

"You didn't push me that hard. You can see it in the video... I was the one who pushed myself too hard and landed at the wrong place," she can be heard saying.

In the incident that occurred last week, Fasha and Azhan were filming a scene in which the actor grabbed her by the hair and threw her into her room. However, the actress ended up hitting her head onto the sharp edge of a bed, causing a fracture to her left eye socket.


Fasha doesn't blame her co-star for the accident
Fasha doesn't blame her co-star for the accident

(Photo Source: Azhan Rani IG)