Ayo Edebiri Called JLo’s Career ‘One Long Scam’ in 2020, Now She’s Hosting ‘SNL’ With Lopez as Musical Guest

Audio of “The Bear” star Ayo Edebiri ripping into Jennifer Lopez on the “Scam Goddess” podcast resurfaced Friday ahead of the two appearing as host and musical guest Saturday’s “SNL.” In the February 2020 clip, Edebiri said Lopez’s entire career is “one long scam” and went on to assert that Lopez isn’t singing on many of the tracks she’s credited with, calling her “a little thief.” Meanwhile, the show’s host said that Lopez used human growth hormone.

An abridged version of the audio spread on X (formerly Twitter) after being posted by TMZ. In the original interview, Edebiri told host Laci Mosley that she “appreciates” a good scam and said, “Today I was actually thinking about one of my favorite scams of all time. Because JLo is hosting, or is performing, at the Super Bowl halftime show—”

Mosley cut in, “Yes, she is, which is a scam in itself,” before Edebiri added, “And her whole career is one long scam.” Mosley said, “Oh, the longest con. JLo can’t sing! And did you know? That JLo doesn’t know she can’t sing.”

“Well, that’s the thing that is—” Edebiri began, before Mosley added, “She did an interview and she was like, ‘I never knew that people didn’t think I could sing. I thought I could sing.'”

“She thought that she was on, she thinks she’s on multiple tracks,” Edebiri said.

In comments excluded from the TMZ clip, Edebiri continued, “But it’s not her. It will literally be Ashanti or Christina Milian, or like another girl who sounds like her. It’s other people!”

“But she’s collecting the royalties?” Mosley asked. “Yes!” Edebiri exclaimed. “That’s a scam!”

The clip circulating then includes Edebiri’s response to Mosley asking about Lopez’s belief that she’s on tracks that she isn’t.

The actress replied, “I think she like, or she thinks that she’s still good even though, like, she’s not singing for most of these songs. Like, I was reading up because I was just… I was fascinated.”

“I became fascinated for myself and a lot of the, like, like, write-ups of the song will be like, ‘JLo didn’t have time to make it to the studio. Like JLo was busy.’ It’s like, doing what? Not singing, obviously. Where was she?” Edebiri concluded.

They continued to discuss Lopez on the podcast beyond the comments that spread on social media.

“I love having your name on a track but then being too busy to actually sing on it,” Mosley laughed. “That is fantastic, it is the kind of stuff that I aspire to.”

“Yeah, it’s wild,” Edebiri added. “But still making money,” Mosley mused. “That’s what I want.”

“Yes!” Edebiri said. “She’s a little thief.”

“And I love that,” Mosley said.

“Jenny from the block?” Edebiri said. “She doesn’t sing. She doesn’t sing ‘Jenny From the Block,'” while Mosley asserted, “She uses human growth hormones.”

Edebiri asked, “She uses human growth hormones?—”

“When she works out,” Mosley interjected. “That’s why her body’s so good. Yeah, she gets shots. I’m doing it.”

“No, Laci,” Edebiri said. “Yeah, I’m doing it,” Mosley went on. “I want that JLo sweet, sweet bod.”

Hours after the clip began to spread, “Saturday Night Live” shared a three-part promo for Saturday’s show on Instagram, though these promos were likely recorded Thursday before the audio spread. In the clips, Jennifer Lopez and Ayo Edebiri appeared side-by-side as Edebiri introduced herself as this week’s host and Lopez told her, “I’m really excited. I love your show.” Edebiri replied, “I love your everything.”

Cast member Heidi Gardner then said, “And I love a brisk fall morning where the light is just starting to paint the landscape” to which Edebiri nodded and replied, “OK.”

While the timing of the leak isn’t great for Edebiri, Lopez seems unlikely to address the issue directly. For one thing, she’s older and presumably wiser than her 28-year-old counterpart. For another, as X user TheTitanBaddie pointed out on Saturday, she has her own history of trash-talking obviously talented women.

They tweeted, “Thread: Let’s take a look back at an ICONIC 1998 interview Jennifer Lopez did with Movieline Magazine where she reviewed the talents and careers of her actress peers.”

The thread continued, “JLo on Salma Hayek: ‘We’re in two different realms… She’s a sexy bombshell and those are the roles she does, I do different things. It makes me laugh when she says she was offered Selena — if that’s what she does to get herself publicity, then that’s her thing.'”

The thread continues, “JLo on Cameron Diaz: ‘A lucky model who’s been given a lot of opportunities, I just wish she would’ve done more with.'”

“JLo on Madonna: ‘Do I think she’s a great actress? No! – acting is what I do so I’m harder on people when they say ‘Oh I can do that– I can act’ I’m like ‘Hey don’t spit on my craft.'”

“JLo on Gwyneth Paltrow: ‘Tell me what she’s been in? I swear to God, I don’t remember anything she was in — Some people get hot by association. I heard more about her relationship with Brad Pitt than I ever heard about her work.'”

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