Ayesha Ziya, Young Businesswoman is Making Her Mark in the Fragrance Market

Ayesha Ziya Fragrances, is a luxury perfumery, successfully run by CEO and Founder Ayesha Ziya. Originally, based in Preston, England this city is also the hometown of Ayesha Ziya herself. Ayesha Ziya has been running her own business for the past 6 years in which time she has successfully created seven of her very own fragrances from scratch. Each fragrance was carefully crafted into singular masterpieces by Ayesha Ziya herself, to whom has used ingredients derived from the Middle East and fusions of British and French botanicals, to create her uniquely inspired fragrances.

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Expansion to Dubai

Within the last year, Ayesha Ziya has gone global, and has opened her second headquarters in the opulent city of Dubai. A move that has been deliberated profusely before the grand opening.

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However since Ayesha Ziya’s collection of fragrances is manufactured and created by Ayesha herself in the central city regions, the move to Dubai not just logical but much more organised and time proficient as well.

Ayesha already has a large fanbase of followers across her social media channels from the Middle East, who admire the CEO and Founder fondly, so the decision to open an office in Dubai, had everything in place for the opening.

Stockists in and Around the Middle East

Within the past few weeks Ayesha Ziya has also secured a brand-new stockist to her ever-growing retailer list www.OUNASS.com is now stocking Ayesha’s entire fragrance collection which is available for delivery to customers in the areas of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. This exciting expansion has opened many doors for Ayesha Ziya Fragrances to introduce its gorgeously created products to new, interested customers.

Furthermore, www.goldenscent.com also became a stockist of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances this year so for customers within the UAE Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and Oman getting hold of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances is now easier than ever.

Even better is the exclusive news that Ayesha Ziya will be soon launching her own online store specifically for the UAE so direct sales are also an option for those looking to try out the luxury scents.


Ayesha Ziya’s expansion to Dubai has only just begun and we’re pretty sure that she has many more exciting plans up her sleeve for the future. With the ever-ongoing growth of her company we are almost certain that the Ayesha Ziya’s expansion to Dubai won’t be the first or last. But the only real question is, where to next?

It is still not decided yet which country to choose for further expansion of the market. However, Ayesha is not going to stop. She is all set to spread the fragrances to every part of this world. Presently Preston and Dubai are the proud parts of her business. But, very soon, the whole of the Middle East and European markets will be full of beautiful bottles. In fact, many big companies are showing their interest in collaborating with the brand. Ayesha Ziya''s fragrances are thus causing an outstanding contribution to the global economy.

Therefore, it is obvious that Ayesha and her team are giving tremendous labor for the growth of the business. The upcoming online stores will definitely let her enter the global market full-fledged. The young entrepreneur is seriously overwhelmed by the reaction of the interested customers.

Through starting the operations digitally, Ayesha will now be reaching multiple households simultaneously. The exciting fragrances are going to the main attractive feature for the marvelous brand. So, are you eagerly waiting for the new online availability for Ayesha Ziya Fragrances in your country? Do visit their website or Instagram.

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