Ava Liu and Adason Lo return safely from Japan

12 Sep – Celebrity couple Ava Liu and Adason Lo recently assured that they are fine, following the super typhoon Jebi that hit Japan last week while they were on honeymoon in Osaka.

As reported on Mingpao, the couple who was approached by the media as they arrived in Hong Kong recently, shared that they were lucky and relieved to be able to get out of the area through Miyazaki airport following the temporary shutdown of Kansai International Airport.

"The situation there was very serious. A lot of places were damaged and destroyed. We were scheduled to leave Hong Kong the day before, but due to the situation, I quickly changed the ticket so that we would fly from Miyazaki instead," said Ava.

The actress added that they were among the last few passengers who were able to change their flight at the last minute.

On the other hand, Adason said that their overall trip was not highly affected by the typhoon as they were able to visit all the places they wanted to go to.

"I also hope to have the opportunity to visit Miyazaki again," he added.

(Photo Source: Ava Liu Instagram)