Autumn/winter ‘19 haircut trends

Dua Lipa rocking the bob trend

Some haircuts are popular one minute and gone the next so it can be hard to predict which ones are going to be in fashion.

However, to help you figure out which cut is going to be big this autumn and winter, we’ve spoken to a bunch of hair industry experts who have given us their predictions for what will be the trendy looks over the next few months.


According to Jim Shaw, Owner and Director of Essensuals and Essensuals MEN, the blunt bob has been the “standout” haircut of the year and will continue to remain on-trend during autumn and winter, with him adding that bobs look “incredible” when cut below the ear and above the nape of the neck.

Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa, also praises the cut, as it’s versatile and can suit different face shapes.

“There are so many bob styles that can be tailored to each individual client, whether it’s an asymmetrical bob, choppy textured bob or blunt bob that stops at the jaw,” she comments. “Bobs are incredibly versatile haircuts and look fantastic whether worn slightly messier and textured or straight and smooth.”

The ‘70s shag

The heavily layered haircut made cool by rockers and models is going to continue being popular, according to Kevin Paul Finnell, Director of F&M Hairdressing.

“For those with longer hair, we will see the '70s shag revitalised. A style of the past, the shag has become a favourite on the runways and we expect the style to be more modernised come 2020. Think added texture with a relaxed feel,” he explains.

Jim adds that the shag look is ideal for those people who want to give their hair more volume and shape.

Side fringes

“I think we will start to see a lot of side fringes coming back in fashion for the season. Side fringes are a great way to quickly update a client’s looks for the new year. They're ideal for framing faces and softening facial features too,” says Karen.

Get experimental

According to Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing, there are going to be some daring looks out there this autumn and winter.

“Hairstyles in AW19 are going to be a little more daring and experimental than we have had previously. I think we can expect to see the use of different lengths and a lot of layering,” he says. “This will be applicable to all hair lengths as it will be a play on the texture within the hair.

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