Be an Authority in Your Space With James Gamet

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James Gamet is the CEO, and founder of Inches Make Miles, Bang Mauy Thai Portland, and a Black Belt instructor at 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu Portland. He is also a leading authority figure in marketing and coaching, running a marketing agency specialized in media placement, SEO, organic marketing and social media growth/verification.

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James' journey to be an iconic marketing figure has not been easy. He comes from a poor background in Yakima, Washington in the US. At 17-years, he joined the US Marines, worked for eight years (3 Deployments, 2 Combat) before being forced to retire due to health complications. At one point, he got trapped in a $70,000 debt. James has beaten all odds to become an iconic authority in marketing.

James Gamet’s Achievements

James has risen from rags to riches courtesy of his hard work in the digital market. He is a Marsum awardee being featured among the top 100 marketing and advertising influencers. His process has served over 40,000 realtors, and his content has been featured in Disrupt Magazine, Thrive Global, and Market Watch.

4 Steps That Have Helped James Gamet Be An Authority

  1. Inches Make Miles philosophy. James believes in the philosophy that it is worth taking forward steps; however small they are, to market your content. He emphasizes that success is not final, and failure is not fatal. To stand out as an authority in marketing is a challenging journey that requires self-discipline, persistence, and consistency. Achieving success involves the devotion of more time and effort to hone your skills.

  2. Social media is a tool for reaching an audience, and James Gamet has realized the potency that social media platforms have, especially reaching a vast audience. He is riding on social media to push him to great heights. He has established an online presence on Facebook, which has enabled him to gain many followers.

  3. Identifying and sticking to the niche. James has specialized in social media marketing as an influencer, social media verification services for entrepreneurs, helping artists in the music industry, and as a martial art coach. Pitching on social media has helped him gain more followers and likes making him a brand to keep gaining fame which has pushed him to become an authority in marketing.

  4. Success is unachievable without clear goals. To stand out as an authority in your space, you need to define the term success in all you do clearly. James defines success in business as earning enough money to stay debt-free, build passive residual income, and have time and energy for the family. It is not easy to measure whether you are progressing or regressing in your career without reasonable goals.

Becoming an authority in your space is possible. Maintaining small steps and improving on your previous achievements each day, using social media to market your content, identifying your niche, setting up clear goals, and deliberately working to achieve them is only what you need to move to the next level by becoming an authority in your field. The above four simple strategies will help you become an authority. Inches make miles.

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