Auston Lam writes sarcastic post on why he left TVB

29 Jun – Amid rumours that he has been given the cold treatment by TVB due to wife Tammy Ou Yang's political stance, Auston Lam recently announced that he is now no longer with TVB.

As reported on Mingpao, in what could only be described as a sarcastic post published on Instagram, the singer-actor explained that he has left TVB and Voice Entertainment after the company proposed a change of contract.

He wrote, "The old company proposed that I change my contract to six shows per year. That guarantees the income of HKD 12,000 a year. Although it wasn't enough to cover a month's rent, it is indeed a gift from God and I am thankful."

"I am 32 this year and have a family. How can I accept this gift? I participated in a singing competition 11 years ago. Is it too late to start again as an independent singer 11 years later? It looks like my wife has to be poor with me."

It is noted that his wife Tammy left TVB back in March, and began showing her public support for the Hong Kong independence movement.

(Photo Source: Auston Lam Instagram)