Austin Li Jiaqi says sorry after losing more followers



14 Sep – Chinese beauty influencer Austin Li Jiaqi is releasing another apology video after his social media continues haemorrhaging followers due to his previous insulting comment towards a fan.

Following his posted apology on Weibo, Austin went on a live broadcast and shed tears as he said his sorry yet again, admitting that what he said in his previous video was very inappropriate.

"I have said before that [everything that I have] were given to me one by one by all the fans. It is the support and the trust of everybody that allowed me to get to where I am now. I should have never forgotten where I came from nor should I lose myself," he said.

Austin stated that he has been reflecting on himself for the past two days and saw what was said about him on social media.

"I am sorry for letting everyone down. I sincerely accept everyone's criticisms and suggestions. I will think clearly on why I started this channel and what I can do to serve more fans. Thank you again for your support, criticism and supervision," he added.

While some forgave the content creator, others said that the apology was dishonest and was made only to ensure that Austin will not lose more followers.

The controversy sparked last week, when Austin snapped at a follower during his livestream when the latter said that the eyebrow pencil he was introducing seemed to get more and more expensive.

Austin then went on to deny it and ranted that it must have been the said netizen whose salary remains stagnant, adding, "Is your salary still the same after working so many years? Did you work hard?"


 Austin is called China's 'Lipstick King'
Austin is called China's 'Lipstick King'


(Photo Source: Austin Li Jiaqi Weibo)