AUGUSTMAN Recommends: Entertaining Apps from the Apple Store for Chinese New Year

Have an ‘Appy’ Chinese New Year with these Apps from the App Store

Come 21 January, we’ll be scrambling to do up the final touches to our Chinese New Year decorations and coordinating our new ensembles for the flurry of activities ahead. Considering the buttload of last-minute preparations, downloading new phone apps is the last thing on our minds; it is superfluous. Or so we thought. 

In the App Store, applications like PicsArt and Headspace are some of our many recommendations that can elevate your CNY experience and do you more good than bad; we are calling them the Lunar New Year essentials. Whether you’re spending the festive season alone or with friends and family, these applications will serve you well. 

Picsart AI Avatar Photo Editor

With the Picsart AI photo editor, you can bring your creativity to life – elevating your CNY snaps for the gram. Boasting state-of-the-art tools, Picsart makes photo editing easy as pie. Some of the key features: design and add stickers to photos; quickly remove and swap backgrounds; stylised photo filters; turn text into art with AI Image Generator; create AI avatars, are no-brainers. 


Like Picsart, Canva makes achieving aesthetically-looking visuals effortless. Here’s the best part: there are a myriad of templates that does the hardwork for you. While it doesn’t offer fancy AI tools, Canva has all the fundamentals such as filters and colour adjustments. Compatible with most mediums, the user-friendly app takes the guesswork out of photo and video editing. 


Are you an Adobe Premier Pro amateur? We are – and that’s why CapCut remains one of our favourite mobile apps. Offering easy-to-use video editing functions and free advanced features like motion tracking, background removal, keyframe animation, smooth slow-motion, chroma key, and stabilisation, CapCut helps beginners get that stunning, high-quality videos effortlessly. Don’t just snap memories, film them; after all, videos are way more entertaining (in our opinion, at least). 

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

A solution to having overbearing relatives: Headspace – a meditation app. With guided courses and mindfulness exercises led by world-class experts, the app will help you deflect negativity and release tension in both the mind and body. Think of it as a medication for the soul – which you might need after your aunties start asking insensitive questions during house visiting.  

30 Day Fitness – Home Workout

Post Lunar New Year, we’ll be bearing the brunt of CNY feasting. But fret not, 30 Day Fitness exists. For you working from home individuals and homebodies, the app – centred on a 30-day fitness challenge – features fitness plans and HQ video workout tutorials that promise perceptible results, granted that you put in the effort (nothing comes for free!). 

(Images: Apple Store / Chinese New Year Apps)