Attention caffeine lovers – sipping black coffee can help you lose weight

For a lot of people, a good start to the day is by having a nice cup of coffee. Not only does this beverage taste super delicious, but it also provides you will ample energy to navigate your day easily. However, not many know that sipping this drink has more than one benefit. If you love black coffee, then you must know that this drink can also help in weight loss.

A Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health research suggests that drinking four cups of coffee daily can reduce body fat by 4 per cent. If you consume black coffee without any sweeteners, then it is an added bonus. Black coffee has very less to zero calories in it which in turn aids weight loss very effectively. When taken in moderation, you can also keep the side effects of having this drink at bay.

A cup of regular black coffee brewed from ground beans contains only two calories. An ounce of espresso contains only one calorie. And if you use decaffeinated beans, then you are consuming almost zero calories. This promotes weight loss and helps shred body fat quickly. Let’s take a look at how black coffee can help in weight loss.

Black coffee contains chlorogenic acid which promote weight loss

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The antioxidants and nutrients in coffee are quite beneficial to the body. The chlorogenic acid in black coffee reduces insulin and glucose spikes after a meal. This means that it cuts down your need to consume extra calories for energy. This deficit in calories results in weight loss over time. Apart from this, drinking this beverage can also delay the production of new fat cells and further has antidiabetic, DNA and neuroprotective properties.

Caffeine found in coffee suppresses the appetite

Black coffee for weight loss
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The caffeine found in coffee acts as a natural stimulant which enhances our body’s metabolism. Caffeine helps in decreasing the levels of the hunger hormone called ghrelin. This helps in keeping a check on one’s appetite. The ability to burn fat and aid weight loss increases if you consume green coffee beans. Consumption of these beans helps in reducing bad cholesterol and superfluous lipids which promotes better metabolism function.

The methylxanthine compounds found in coffee have diuretic properties. This helps in emptying excess water from the body through urine. This also leads to some weight loss in the body.

How many cups of this beverage is healthy?

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As mentioned before, consuming more than 4 cups (960 mL) of coffee of black coffee can be harmful for you. Healthy adults should stick to 400 mg of caffeine per day or less amount than that.

How to make a good cup of black coffee

Black coffee for weight loss
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The only two things you need to make a delicious cup of black coffee are ground coffee and water. Choose a good quality of beans for your daily consumption. There are several ways to brew it. The most common methods are pour-over or drip, French press, percolator, coffee pods, Iced coffee and cold brew.

Elevate your weight loss journey

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You can boost your weight loss journey by adding certain ingredients to your daily coffee. Adding cinnamon powder not only enhances the flavour but it is loaded with antioxidants that aid weight loss. Adding protein powder to your coffee ensures that your body gets enough proteins which also helps in losing muscle fat. Avoid adding milk or flavoured syrups to your coffee at any cost.

Possible side effects of black coffee

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If you consume more black coffee than required, then you may witness some harmful side effects. Overconsumption of the beverage can cause the body to release stress hormones. You may feel anxious and irritable after consuming too many cups of this drink. It also affects one’s sleep cycle and causes insomnia. It is recommended that you avoid drinking coffee before bed.

It can also upset your stomach and cause soreness, heartburn, and even constipation. Since caffeine helps extract excess water from the body, there are chances that you may also feel dehydrated. Too much black coffee also results in poor absorption of necessary minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc in the body.

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