Attaining 'Rose Gold' Success in the World of Fashion, is a Growing Influencer and Fashion Designer, Brandon James Rose

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His company "RoseGold Apparel" stands tall as more than just a designer brand, but an emotion behind a luxury lifestyle.

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It is always wonderful to learn about industries and businesses that are run by the incessant hard work and an everlasting drive of different individuals who not only work towards attaining success, but most importantly, towards attaining excellence in whatever niche they choose to lay their hands on. These individuals showcase a different level of brilliance when it comes to doing business or growing a brand, be it in any field. We came across one such high-performing individual, an influencer and fashion designer named Brandon James Rose, who has been making waves in the world of fashion and has created his unique niche with his one-of-a-kind brand that radiates his love for the color rose gold named "RoseGold Apparel."

Who is Brandon James Rose, you ask? This young influencer and designer in the world of fashion has reached a prominent position in the industry. Thanks to his passion and the persistence with which he has hustled his way to the top, creating a brand that could create its unique standing in the industry, with its focus on rose gold apparel and accessories. Brandon James Rose confesses that from a very early age, he was attracted the most to all things artwork and the color rose gold. He was born in a small town called Chalfont St. Giles in London, England and in 2005 moved to Dallas, Texas. Brandon James Rose started with photography and named it RoseGold Photography for labelling his pictures. He soon started working with a luxury fashion startup in Houston and Miami, that would introduce him to manufacturers.

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He recalls how buying a rose gold watch ignited the fire in him to come up with the idea for his brand. He realized a market gap with not many products in rose gold for men and women. This gave birth to his brand RoseGold Apparel, which today is spread across several countries and has even been featured in prominent publications and media like GQ, ELLE, and Harper's Bazaar.

Brandon James Rose highlights that he has a passion for growth in all aspects of life - Physically, financially, spiritually, emotionally, etc. He loves competing with the person he was yesterday, and improving constantly. Throwing light on his brand, he says that it is more than just a designer brand, but a luxury lifestyle, handmade, carefully curated, and inspected over a multi-faceted process for catering to all clients at affordable prices. His biggest struggles in the industry were going against the grain and walking a lonely path of entrepreneurship, but his rigorous hard work and consistent efforts led him to his desired success.

His hobbies include creating and innovating, investing and fitness, and also loves to be outside in nature to connect with natural energy. Brandon James Rose looks up to his father and brother the most, and considers them his role models. On a parting shot, he says, "The person that motivates me the most would be the person I aspire to be every day. Competing with my own potential is what creates that everlasting drive".

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