Attack On Titan giant manga breaks Guinness World Record as world's largest comic book

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Attack On Titan giant manga is officially the world's largest comic book published. (Photo: Twitter/GWRJapan)
Attack On Titan's giant manga is officially the world's largest comic book published. (Photo: Twitter/GWRJapan)

Earlier in March, we reported that the Attack On Titan manga had released a ginormous edition, said to be the world’s largest comic book. This record was officially confirmed by Guinness World Records on 13 April 2021 after all 100 copies were sold out.

According to Guinness World Records, the giant Attack On Titan manga measures 1,000 millimetres in length and 703 millimetres in breadth, giving it an area of 7,030 square centimetres and a weight of 13.75 kilograms. The record does not take into account the book cover, which is slightly larger — 1,010 millimetres in length and 714 millimetres in breadth.

Attack On Titan's Guinness World Record-breaking edition is the world's largest published comic book. It was published to promote the 34th volume of the popular manga series. (Photo: Guinness World Records)
The record-breaking comic book has an area of 7,030 square cm and weighs 13.75 kilograms. (Photo: Guinness World Records)

The previous record holder for the world’s largest comic book published was Brazilian comic book Turma da Mônica. It occupies an area of 6,976.02 square centimetres, about 54 square centimetres less than the Attack On Titan manga.

About 36 times the size of a regular manga, the titan-sized Attack On Titan manga was created to promote the final 34th volume of the series in book form, which will go on sale in June 2021.

One of the most popular manga series, the Attack On Titan manga has been serialised in Kodansha’s monthly Bessatsu Shonen Magazine for almost 12 years, from September 2009 to April 2021. Apart from winning multiple manga awards, Attack On Titan was also made into an anime series and live-action films, which starred the deceased Haruma Miura as the main character Eren.

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