Atlanta's Paper Boi Cover Is a Real YouTube Star

Photo credit: FX Networks
Photo credit: FX Networks

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This week's episode of Atlanta closes its observation of uncomfortable whiteness with a cringeworthy acoustic cover of Paper Boi's hit song. The cover song plays during the closing credits as a lasting reminder of appropriation, desperate allies, and the delicate conversations between black and white people. Besides a necessary Jeezy song during the title card, this Paper Boi cover is the only other music in the episode - a rarity for a show like Atlanta.

And it turns out that this hilarious cover comes from an actual YouTube star named Bryce Hitchcock. She's a good sport about the whole joke, and spoke to Vulture about how Daris's jab of “White girls love that shit," is pretty accurate.

“Most white girls aren’t great rappers, unless that’s your thing, so they just do something acoustic with it because rap is popular and they want people to see their videos," she told Vulture.

She'd actually never covered a hip-hop song before, and worked to make it her own before the audition. She played it once and they thought it was perfect - “They were all like, ‘Oh, dang. Where’d that come from?’" she said.

Atlanta writer Jamal Olori says the idea was actually inspired by Niykee Heaton’s viral 2012 cover of Chief Keef’s “Love Sosa." As he said of the situation on the show:

“It’s about selling cocaine. We knew it’s something that would happen in the real world. You wouldn’t hear a middle-class white girl singing about this. It’s things she would run away from. But because the song is so popular, She gravitates to it. It also shows that the song has gotten so big in our world, that it even caught onto hers.”

The idea is funny on its own, but only Atlanta could take it to this next level.

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