Would you assemble your car the way you assemble Ikea furniture?

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Ryan Schlotthauer came up with the concept of the Höga, a compact car to be self-assembled.

An American design student came up with the wild idea of creating an electric vehicle concept that drivers would assemble themselves. Envisioning it as a hypothetical collaboration between Renault and Ikea, the student published his plans for Höga, a micro electric car for which he even suggested a price: 6,500 US dollars.

If you like Citroën's Ami, you're going to love Höga. Höga is the work of a young American design student, Ryan Schlotthauer, who imagined what a basic electric car could look like -- no frills and to be assembled by the customer, like a simple piece of furniture.

Ultra-compact with its 2.23-meter length (compared to the 2.41 m of the Ami), the complete assembly of the Höga requires a little more than 370 parts in total. All the components of the concept are recyclable, and together they would cost the buyer 6,500 dollars.

This project will probably never see the light of day, but it shows that a small modular electric car, to be built by oneself, is not necessarily just science fiction.

Check out the Höga concept: behance.net/gallery/117550475/HOEGA-IKEA-MOBILITY

David Bénard