Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019 (Aditi Kashyap)

Looking for something unique this festive season? With the holidays coming up, Christmas turkey options for celebrations are aplenty. While you could go for the usual traditional roast turkey, why not mix it up with something special like a Nonya Turkey or Otah Turkey?

Whether it’s for your office Christmas party or a family dinner, check out our list of unique Christmas turkeys with Asian-inspired flavours and celebrate a very merry Asian Christmas in Singapore.

Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019

Tandoori Turkey at Shahi Maharani North Indian Restaurant

Have a Merry Christmas Indian style! Savour the exotic flavours of North India at Shahi Maharani with their Tandoori Turkey – a Christmas delicacy with an Indian twist. The turkey, weighing approximately 5 kg, is marinated overnight and prepared with aromatic spices such as fenugreek, cinnamon, fennel seeds, coriander, rose water and mint leaves. The turkey is then roasted to perfection in the traditional Tandoor or hot clay oven. 

The “Shahi Tandoori Turkey”, which is 100% halal, is accompanied with a selection of homemade delectable sauces – Makhni Sauce or Mint Yogurt Sauce. The other version of turkey is stuffed with, minced meat Biryani which has been slow-cooked inside the turkey and is a must-try house speciality. All Christmas offerings come packaged in special festive packaging.

Orders can be placed from now till 1st January 2020; 3 days lead time required. Orders and enquiries via e-shop or email or call (+65) 6235 8840

Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019

Roasted Pandan Scented Turkey at Goodwood Park Hotel

This Christmas, Goodwood Park Hotel’s signature Asian-inspired turkey pays homage to local flavours with the new Roasted Pandan Scented Turkey. Steeped in a marinade of honey and fresh pandan extract, the turkey is slow-roasted to perfection. 

The succulent turkey is served with the sweet-savoury Mantou Kaya Nibbles – a flavourful turkey stuffing with sautéed shallots, shiitake mushrooms, and mantou filled with luscious kaya. The Housemade Chilli rounds up the indulgence with a piquant touch.

Orders may be placed from 1st to 26th December 2019 at The Deli; 5 days advance order required. Orders via the website or email or call (+65) 6730 1867

Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019

Nonya Turkey at Copthorne King’s Hotel

Over at Copthorne King’s Hotel Singapore’s Princess Terrace, dine like Southeast Asian royalty this Christmas. The King’s Royal Festive Buffet, available from 15th December 2019 to 1st January 2020 for lunch and dinner, is renowned for serving a mouth-watering spread of authentic Malaysian delicacies.

Enjoy Singapore’s most loved Penang Buffet and sample everyone’s favourite festive season delights, including the Nonya Turkey which is roasted and made with a special sauce the includes spices such as buah keluak, ginger flower and rempah paste. The Nonya-style baked turkey breast comes served with roasted potatoes and brussels sprouts. 

For more information, contact Princess Terrace at (+65) 6733 0011 or email

Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019


Otah Roast Turkey at Hotel Fort Canning

Spice up your Christmas festivities with The Salon’s Otah Roast Turkey, the newest addition to a trio of locally-inspired flavours including Satay Roast Turkey and Salted Egg Roast Turkey. The Otah Roast Turkey is first rubbed-down with aromatics like fresh galangal, lemongrass, turmeric, ground cumin and ground coriander, then seasoned overnight before it is slow-roasted to a glorious brown.

Instead of the usual mackerel fish Otah, the stuffing is replaced with a homemade chicken variation, coupled with chestnut. This combination is flavoured with Chef’s house-blended rempah for a little kick to your taste buds and finished off with Basmati rice, bits of dried cranberry and festive nuts. A specially-concocted Asian Lemak gravy complements the turkey, making it a winner at Christmas dinner.

Available for order from now till 25th December 2019; collection starts from 15 November 2019. For orders and enquiries, call (+65) 6799 8809 / 6559 6796 or email

Asian-inspired Flavoured Christmas Turkeys in Singapore for 2019

Turkey with Buah Keluak Gravy at Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy is introducing Asian-inspired Christmas takeaways and pastries that are perfect for a family or corporate gathering. Look out for the Brine-cured Roasted Turkey with signature Buah Keluak Gravy. A Peranakan cuisine speciality, buah keluak gravy is a spicy tamarind gravy with buah keluak nuts which are actually the seeds of the kepayang tree.

Available from now till 1st January 2020; orders must be made at least 3 days prior to the collection date. Visit their website for more festive details or call Wave Café at (+65) 6340 5882.

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