Ashrita Datta: A Fitrepreneur

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How often do you learn of someone with a Corporate Professional experience of 15 years, working for various corporate giants, turn into a Fitness Coach? That’s Ashrita Datta for you!

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Ashrita is a Senior Fitness Consultant and a Fitness Entrepreneur, heading a Startup, Tonabolic. A Corporate buff turned into a Fitness Professional, something in her drove her to transform her hobby into a rich and impactful career, thereby she completed multiple fitness certifications to make herself more knowledgeable and thereafter there was no looking back to her fitness coach journey.

Tonabolic, under the leadership of Ashrita, has worked with multiple Corporates towards Corporate Wellness and Fitness drives, and led many Large Fitness Events for Endurance sports Players in Hyderabad. Ashrita supported Physical Literacy initiatives and Training delivery since 2018, for ELMS Sports Foundation – whereby she supported training sessions (theory and practical), content preparation, lesson plan designing, and video sessions.

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Her passion is to conduct Fitness Workout sessions to assist people to stay healthy, fit and help them achieve desired fitness goals. Classes at Tonabolic for Adults, incorporates a variety of fitness exercise variations, such as, Strength & Conditioning workouts, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) variants, Fitness Kickboxing, Mobility drives, Pilates, Yoga, Bootcamps, Running Drills, Speed and Agility workouts and more. Tonabolic also steers Fitness for Kids Group classes with a clear focus on motor skills improvement, Balance and coordination works, Speed and Agility drives, Strength, Differentiation and Rhythm skill enhancements.

Corporate Leadership Background: Ashrita was a Corporate Professional in the past with an eventful career of 15 years, working with Vodafone, GE Capital and Standard Chartered Bank, studded with professional brilliance. Corporate Sales & Strategy, Customer Service Excellence & Quality Assurance roles in NBFC & Telecom sector market leading organizations, empowered and made her Knowledgeable on subject, Drive Teams, Process Smart and Delivery Efficient. Her hobbies included varied fitness endeavors and she felt a strong urge to transform her career journey towards Impacting more lives and transforming them with Fitness solutions.

Trivia about Ashrita: Ashrita began working out religiously a few years before she was to get married and since then – she has been Happily Married to both her Husband & varied fitness endeavors which she loves to indulge in!

Tonabolic is the brainchild of Ashrita Datta. The idea was born when she, while at her busy corporate schedule was trying to identify her favorite hour in a day, and this hour consistently turned out to be her exercise hour each day for 7 days in a row. She knew she had a calling to invest in herself and equip herself to turn into a full time knowledgeable and empowered fitness coach.

Post leading large teams in the corporate world, she began afresh qualifying herself as a coach and took to multiple certifications and workshops. August 2017, Tonabolic was Born with a small team of 4 coaches. Thereafter there was no looking back and by now Tonabolic has evolved into a large group of knowledgeable and passionate fitness coaches, committed to leading with robust and progressive training plans to contribute with definite progress, towards fitness and wellness drives of clients that they impact.

They have helped 1000+ people in shedding weight, gaining muscle mass and add to body flexibility and balance. Tonabolic leads multiple Corporate wellness programs as well and helps influence the corporate world employees on the journey to stay fit while they enjoy the sweat drive. Ashrita is also a noteworthy fitness speaker. Her drive is to Motivate, influence, and spread awareness and knowledge of enriching our lives by building a healthy body and a stable mindset.

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