Ashley Graham succumbed to doughnut cravings just once during pregnancy

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham has only succumbed to her cravings for doughnuts once during her pregnancy.

The model is currently expecting her first child, a son, with her husband Justin Ervin, and is due to give birth in January.

In a new beauty tutorial for, Ashley explained that she has had some unusual cravings throughout her journey, but rarely wanted sweet treats.

"My cravings have been really bizarre, as far as I haven't wanted junk food," she said. "I've just wanted cucumbers and celery and salads from (U.S. restaurant chain) Sweetgreen. Only Sweetgreen, I have no idea why. I'm really into homemade dishes, so my husband's been cooking for me every night. Just once, I needed Krispy Kreme doughnuts! I had my five in one sitting, and I'm O.K. now."

Ashley went on to explain that she has been committed to keeping active throughout her pregnancy and has also been doing yoga, getting acupuncture, and having regular lymphatic massages. Accordingly, the brunette beauty is adamant her strict regime will pay off.

"Every mom I talk to says the more you work out, the easier it is for delivery," the 32-year-old smiled. "And I've been really excited about that."

Elsewhere in the clip, Ashley shared that she does have some stretch marks on her belly, but is trying to prevent them as much as possible by applying MAMA GLOW + GOOD MEDICINE's Anointed Love Butter all over the area.

"It gets really goopy and then you put it everywhere," she noted. "I'll hit every other body part that I know could create stretchmarks - my a*s, my back, my arms, it will be my breasts, and I go in and I am fully hydrated. I try to do this two to three times a day. Are you committed to having supple skin? Because I am."

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